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ZZZ Snake
ZZZ snake is a game where you have to pick up the color of your snake but watch out for the different colors otherwise you will be game over!
Zumba Mania
Tap to shoot Marbles with the cute frog! Match 3 or more same-colored marbles to eliminate them Destroy all marbles in the chain before it hits the end Dont forget to use power-ups to clear the board faster!
Can you reach the different levels? You start with the easy one how far can you go?
Zoo Trivia
Guess all the animals in the zoo! How far can you get? It is harder than it looks like
ZOO Pinball
This pinball is a real zoo! Don’t let that little ball escape from your hands and improve your score Roar for the win!
Can you really combine pool and zombies? Of course you can! Avoid Zombie limbs and pot all the balls! (Oh and look out for the occasional flood of cockroaches!)
Zombies vs Halloween
Zombies are invading the wild west! Grab your guns and protect innocent people from those pesky lifeless folk Help them and they will help you back! You have to master and upgrade your guns to survive You can hire companions and escorts equip yourself with medikits ammunition and adrenaline Many types of zombies are attacking! How long will you survive?
Zombie Road
The dangerous post-apocalyptic world with zombies and only the bravest and most experienced drivers and the toughest survivors that are still left standing and fighting the countless armies of the undead Thrilling racing game Enjoy driving and smashing zombies
Zombie Outbreak Arena
Zombie Outbreak Arena is a game where you have to survive as long as possible Can you reach the highest time shoot all zombies to stay alive!
Zombie Massacre
Dont get killed protect the people and the wagon! Use and upgrade all available weapons to survive!
Zombie Getaway
Run for your life in this fast-paced scrolling arcade game! Collect bonuses and dodge strolling zombies while running to safety Jump cars and holes and bash zombies in this total mobile apocalypse Spooky graphics and a spooky look will definitely want you to avoid as much dead as possible!
Zombie Buster
In Zombie Buster you need to defeat the zombies who are all over the world You only get a grenade launcher to blow up these zombies Do you have what it takes because the human race is depending on you! Use your grenade launcher carefully and help the world
Zig Zag Line
Choose falling or going up and zig-zag through the level Go to the color you are it can change every time!
Zball Football
Poise poise poise! Don’t let the ball fall down and complete the levels collecting all the little flags They will increase your score giving you the possibility to buy your favorite teams!
zBall Christmas
Warning: this online HTML5 game is frustrating! zBall is an arcade style game that requires timing and skill You need to steer the red ball over a platform that collapses behind you The controls are super simple every click makes the ball go left or right but scoring more than 100 points is something else Start rolling!
zBall 5
A new version of the famous zBall game! Set the highest score you can! Collect as many items as you can to increase your score but watch out the further you get the faster you will go!
Zball 4 Halloween
Just one aim: SURVIVE! zBall 4 its the new super cool version of the classic zBall and its full of candles and frightening surprises! Dont waste your time and enjoy the moonlight!
zBall 2
The popular zBall is back! Play this awesome arcade style game in space theme But be aware after every 50 points the speed will increase Can you enter the top10? Start rolling now!
Yummy Waffle Ice Cream
Are you ready to cook with Nancy? You are going to make waffle ice cream for the hotels breakfast But they are not ordinary waffles You are going to make a culinary delight Lets cook with Nancy!
Yummy Slot Machine
Want to try your luck? Beautiful classic slot style gameplay comes with tasty food and big wins You will experience the full range of emotions without the fear of losing money Play free slots with Wilds Free Spins and Bonus game feaures like in Vegas Take your slot machine with you everywhere in your pocket
Yummy Hotdog
In this delicious game you have six different stages with mini-games you need to succeed Start with repairing the food processor and finish with the hotdog decorating Curious about which mini-games are left go check it out now! I promise you after playing this game you want to eat a real hotdog!
Yetis Adventure
Help the Yeti on his adventure! Collect the items in the levels like keys and treasure chests try to reach new parts by completing puzzles and finish the levels!
World Trivia
Guess the pictures with the letters from below You can use hints if you dont know!
Wordy Night
How good are you at making words? Make existing ones in every level its getting harder and harder!
Word Candy
The goal of the game Word Candy is to make words out of the given letters - similar to boggle Are you up for this word puzzle?
Go on an adventure in Woodventure! Woodventure is a Mahjong game in which you have to make the correct combinations before the time runs out! Use power ups or a hint if you are stuck in a level and continue your adventure!
Wonder Brick
Wonder Brick is an arcade style game that can be played on every device In this online HTML5 game you need to jump as high as possible The hard part are the obstacles in your way up Avoid the squares and the rectangles and go for a clean flight without bumping into to the objects How high can you fly?
Witch Crossword
Walk through the dark witchs forest and solve the crossword puzzle! Do you dare?
Wirebuzz requires skill and timing but be warned: this game is addicting! And remember dont touch the wire!
Winter Mahjong
Winter Mahjong puts your intelligence and insight to the test! This game plays like the classic Mahjong games but this one has gotten a digital makeover! If you are really stuck in a level you can ask for a tip or reshuffle the board but the further you get the less you will be able to use these abilities! Play the game and try to clear the boards before time runs out!
Winter Holidays
Winter Holidays is a match-3 game in a nice christmas setting! Make combinations and set the highest score possible! Mind the timer because you need to set a score before time runs out to complete the level!
Winter Clash 3D
This Christmas the evil elves plan to take over Santa’s secret place and summon the evil Baba Yaga also known as Pagan Idol to this world Don’t let this happen Take your gun and impose punishment on all who confront you in a brand new overwhelming team shooter Winter Clash 3D Take a role of a mighty Santa Clause and capture the Pagan Idol from a deserted lighthouse island and burn it to ashes in your Christmas fire Aim to kill with a new headshot system or deliver a devastating blow to your enemies with a fully automatic shotgun Use magic boots to increased your movement speed or regenerate health with powerful powerups The character upgrade system will give you an additional advantage in battles While many bonus rewards like custom made heads and golden weapons will keep you entertained for a long time
Wild West Slot Machine
Play the best wild casino slots for free and experience the real thrill of Las Vegas! Enjoy all the fun of a Western slot machine in your hand Place your bet spin and win big prizes in the best free casino game!
Water Flow
The people of the village need water can you help them? Try to connect the crane with the correct color containers If you have the color purple you must mix it with blue and red There will be points in the game where you think no path is possible but there always is!
Wars of World
Choose the past or future Prepare for the war with the other world!
This pedestrian is crazy and the only thing that keeps him from being hit is you Come on help our Walkrazy survive as much as possible
Protect yourself against the circles that come from everywhere! It is getting faster and faster!
Village Story
Take everyone to the other side but beware not everyone can get along with each other How do you solve this?
Vegetable Ninjas
Do you love vegetables or do you hate them? It doesnt matter because in this game you dont have to eat them Because these vegetables are turning in to ninjas who you can control! Dodge the sharp objects like swords and axes
Valentines Mahjong
Valentines Mahjong is a great HTML 5 game Do you love valentine and mahjong? Then you need to play this game because this game is a combo of love and Mahjong! Can you match all the right hearts with each other? Be aware of the time otherwise some hearts will be broken
Unstackable is a nice puzzle game You need to remove the boxes and land the crate on the shelf There are twenty challenging levels can you finish them all?
Unpark me
Your car is stuck in all other cars Use as few movements as possible to get your car out You can move all the vehicles!
Unmatch the Candies
In unmatch the candies you need to move the same candies from each other Try to pass all the levels the further you get the harder it gets
Aim to click on the dot at just the right moment to unlock the chain Unlock the chain and collect coins Perfect timing is the key to unlimited fun and success!
Unicorn Diamonds
Destroy the diamonds by tapping 3 or more look alike diamonds
Unblock that
Use as few moves as possible to get the red block out You can move with all wooden blocks
Ultimate Swish
Ultimate Swish is an addicting basketbal game This online HTML5 sports game is playable on all devices! The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible within one minute You use your mouse or finger to aim and shoot its really easy How many baskets will you score in one minute?
Ultimate Boxing
Are you ready to rumble? Try out this awesome HTML5 boxing game Choose your player sleeve up your boxing gloves and get in the ring! Are you fan of Muhammad Ali then this sportgame is for you! 10 9 8FIGHT!
Twin Ball
Use your agile skills to play these fun game!
Turtle Rescue
Fish out all of the garbage straws and if you can: treasure chests out of the water and save the turtles! Buy new gear and upgrades with your collected money from selling items you fished up
Trump Run
Trump Run is a HTML5 game where you can play Trump! In this game you need to quickly determine the path dodging holes and Mexicans so Trump can build the wall! Dont forget to take the money and diamonds this makes the game easier
Triangle Energy
Triangle Energy is a simple and fun puzzle game Select three identical gems in the shape of a triangle and all the gems in these triangle will be destroyed
Treasures Jungle
Cant your hear the sound of nature? It must be Treasures Jungle! Match the colors of the cubes to make them disappear increase your score and leave the tribal music flows inside you! But watch out! The cubes wall will not stop rising and you may have some difficulties to manage your time!
Treasure Island
Do you like mahjong games? Play the new mahjong game in the treasure island!
Transforming Blockies
In Tranforming Blockies your have to get rid of some items while retaining others and in the mean time collect all of the stars in the levels!
Traffic Control
There are four cars that you all have to drive at once! Gas or brakes? Beware because if this is not going well you have a crash!
Traffic Car Racing
Hold you seat because this car racing game can only be played with high speed and a lot of focus! Choose your badass car and go on the road as ghost rider How long can you survive?
Tower Defence
A horde of terrible monster will attack your kingdom youll have to build towers in order to survive all the waves When arrows and stones are not enough use the elements to your advantage and kill them all
Tower Defence
Defense your land against the enemies! Build archers knights or canons and place them on the right spot or you will be defeated! In this challenging game you can test how tactical you are Make it yourself harder by changing the difficulty per level and beat all the enemies if you dare
Tower Boxer
Punch the skyscraper to chop down as much of it! Switch sides to avoid balconies and choose your badass character in the menu and play by pressing keys left or right What is your highscore?
Tommy The Monkey Pilot
He little monkey keep your airplane straight in the air! In order to proceed to the next level make sure all balloons are popped Score stars to upgrade your plane but watch out for thunderclouds!
Toasty Time
Make the perfect toast! Make as much as you can and dont let them burn!
Titans Tower
In this fast paced game you need to dash and jump from side to side to evade obstacles get power ups and collect as many coins as you can!
Tiny Archer
Release the arrow at the right moment to shoot the target directly in the middle Set high scores and earn characters and targets
Tic Tac Toe Mania
The game is played on a grid consisting of 3x3 or 5x5 squares Be the first to get 3 or 4 marks in a row (horizontal vertical or diagonal) to win Your mark is X opponents mark is O The game ends once all squares have been filled
Tic Tac Toe
Play the ultimate Tic Tac Toe game against another player or the computer The game has different board sizes and you can earn stars when you win a game!
The White Hole
your magical sphere needs to be protected wear your weapons and shoot all the monster that try to destroy it!
The Sorcerer
In this online HTML5 game you are a brave triangle exploring the world Gameplay is really simple you need to steer the triangle through the gates but dont be fooled its not as easy as it seems! Sometimes you need to go left when you thought to the right was quicker Are you able to score 100 points? Now thats a challenge!
The Secret of the Necromancer
The Secret Of The Necromancer is a game were you have to explore the area and solve puzzles to be able to save your friends! Slip into the role of one of the three friends to explore the area but watch out and try to avoid dangerous creatures! Solve the puzzles find the Necromancer and save your friends!
The Sea Rush
Use your imagination and discover what the ocean holds Rescue all the fishes that are scattered in the levels and see all of their beautiful colors Match 3 blocks or more to destroy the blocks and clear them from the game screen Use power-ups to clear more blocks or collect 3 rainbow blocks to make a random power-up that you can use Manage to collect 3 fishes in their bubbles and you win the level
The office guy
The Office guy is the biggest hero of the office his boss is a bad guy who kills people if they dont listen to him The office guy is trying to get him killed and he needs your help! Defeat the evil boss and kill them all!
The Legend of Eldorado
El Dorado is a legendary place full of secrets that are just waiting for you Come to play one of the best match3 games!
The Immersion
Dive into the depths of the ocean in this game: The Immersion! Gather the golden coins and dodge the mines to continue your quest and set the highest score possible!
The Dropping Dead
Deads are falling from the sky! Your mission is to kill them before they reach you Be careful you have just three lives don’t waste them!
Thank You Santa!
Help Santa to give presents to the children But watch out for the monsters they will stop Santa from giving gifts You have three chances to try!
Text Twist 2
Twist again with TextTwist 2 the fantastic sequel to one of the most popular word games ever!
Tetroid 3
Tetroid 3 is a more challenging and fun brain teaser for all ages In this puzzle game you drag and drop the elements on the 10 x 10 board and fill the horizontal or vertical row to clear your board The game ends when you cannot fit an element onto your board anymore
Tetroid 2
Tetroid 2 is the sequal on the very popular first version It is a highly challenging puzzle game for all ages You need to drag and drop the elements in the 10 x 10 board Make horizontal or vertical lines to clear the line The game ends when you dont have enough space to move the elements into the board
Tetroid is a highly challenging puzzle game for all ages This online HTML5 game can be played on any device and is a real brain teaser! You need to drag and drop the elements in the 10 x 10 board Make horizontal or vertical lines to clear the line The game ends when you dont have enough space to move the elements into the board
Did you enjoy playing Tetris on your Nintendo Gameboy 20 years ago? Than this online HTML5 game is for you! Tetrix has all the elements of a good block mover game this time you can also play it on your mobile phone and tablet Do you still have what it takes to score 4 lines in one go? TETRIXXXXX!
Tennis Open 2020
Play a quick match or start with your tennis career in this game Play all around the world and upgrade your skills Play now Tennis Open 2020!
Temple Quest
Temple Quest is an awesome HTML5 game where you have to run for your life A big monkey is following you and trying to catch you So be aware you cant make any mistakes Or you will be game over Run and avoid obstacles Collect coins and upgrade power-ups try abilities This game never gets boring
Tasty Tale
Tasty Tale brings match-3 cooking fun to you! Put on your chefs hat and dive into the colorful world of delicious dishes combined with fun and addictive match-3 puzzle adventure gameplay Meet well-known fairy tale characters like Snow White Pinocchio or the Three Little Pigs as clients in your restaurant and serve them with their favorite dishes Complete recipes to unlock more restaurants and show your cooking skills to even more fairy tale costumers Experience over 100 levels of different tasty challenges!
Tasty Jewel
Swap and match the jewel sweets to form a chain of 3 or more of the same jewels Which level can you reach?
Tap Touch Run
In the HTML5 game Tap Touch Run you need to say focused the whole time because you dont know what to expect! Choose your favorite animal and play this challenging game now! Be aware to tap on the latest moment or you will die imminently
Tap my Water
Help the little plumber connect the pipes and try to score as many points as possible in Tap My water! Create a path from the tap to the end to let the water go Be quick because you got a few minutes!
Tank Wars
Try to shoot at the other tanks to reach the level There are 120 levels! Can you manage to get them all? You can also create your own level! Do you make the best level?
Tank vs Tiles
Shoot the tiles before they reach your tank! But watch out make sure you hit them with the right colour or they will only grow bigger!
Switch Sides
Switch sides and get the stars but watch out for all the red triangles! Can you break the highscore of 316?
Switch Colors
Jump through the rotating circles make sure you change color You have to go through the same color as yourself! What is your highest score?
Move the tiny hexagons to bigger hexagons using fewest moves as possible
Swimming Pro
Do you want to be a real champion? Move those arms and go as fast as you can! Will you be able to make the perfect return?
Swimming Pool Romance
Always dreamed of a secret romance? In Swimming Pool Romance you need to kiss your girlfriend without getting noticed by her MOM! You need to act very carefully and it will become more difficult Can you kiss your girlfriend without getting caught? If you managed that you can dress your girlfriend up with some cute clothes
Sweets or Tweets
Magic birds drop either sweets or… other less pleasant substances from the skies! You will need to make them drop one thing and not the other while keeping the mouths of the forest dwellers occupied
Sweet Candy Mania
Try to shoot all the sweets within the number of moves you have! For each level you can get 1 to 3 stars this depends on how well you are doing Can you reach level 50?
Sweet Candy
In these match3 game you have to match the candy How awesome is that with candy! Delicious
Sweet Baby
Lead the baby in the right direction to pick up candy and toys avoid balls soaring by and walk around the teddybears to safety!
Sushi Dash
If you like sushi then this is a great game for you! Collect the green wasabi to score points but be aware sharp blades are falling down avoid them!
Supermarket Count
Supermarket Count is a really good HTML5 puzzle count game! You have to count fast and click on the right numbers Are you smart enough to finish all the levels?
Superbike Hero
Complete across Europe and the Middle East as you race in the Superbike Series Boost between opponents hang-on around tight corners collect coins and upgrade your superbike for the next race! Are you the Superbike hero?
Super Onion Boy
Super Onion Boy is a fun platform game your mission is to save the princess from the terrible monster that imprisoned her in a magic bubble defeat all the monsters along the way and dodge obstacles until you reach the final boss and save the princess!
Super Balls
Aim and shoot! All numbers must be 0 how are you going to do this?
Summer Holidays
What is better then fruits on summer? Match fruits of the same type and increase your score and be fast!
Stud Rider
Stud Rider is an amazing cool game where you can stunt with your motorcycle! Make a lot of somersaults with your motorcycle but you need to collect fuel for power! Also you will not survive if dont land on your wheels How high can you score?
Street Cricket
Are you ready for a game of street cricket! In this awesome HTML5 game you need perfect timing skills to hit the ball on the right spot! How far can you get?
Stop Drop
When the gems dont match the bottomDont click them! The bottom will change and you cant stop it dont waste your time and be fast!
Stone Merge
Match the same numbers with each other Try to get the numbers as high as you can but there are coming more and more So hurry!
Stick Santa
Help Santa over the chimney by stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the chimneys But watch out if the stick is too long or too short Santa will fall
Stick Freak
Clear all tables by dripping the jelly with jelly remover You need to ensure the perfect chain reaction using the tiny amount of jelly remover available
Steam Trucker
Deliver your shipment with this magical truck that runs and runs through the citys lights Explore wonderful places and collect all the stars!
Starship Escape
You are alone in boundless space and you have to escape! Avoid all the obstacles and be fast because there are different levels you have to complete! Collect as many stars as you can and fly over all the obstacles in your way!
Spotle is all about connecting the dots You have 60 seconds but you can use powerups to increase your time and score
Splash Snake vs Blocks
Splash all the blocks right out of your way And collect all the balls along the way to score points!
Spider Solitaire
To win Spider Solitaire you must clear the table by ordering all the cards in decending rows from king down to ace!
Speedy Boat
Speedy Boat is an awesome HTML5 game where you need to use your speedy skills to move all the boats Try to avoid the other boats otherwise you will cause an accident Try to set an highscore in all the levels easy medium and hard!
Speed Boat
This is a real competition! 3 lives but just one chance to win Complete the path and avoid the other boatsif you want your little speed boat to survive!
Sparkle 2
Time for something very special time for you to shoot bubbles! Try to be fast balls are rolling
Space Rescue
Lead the spaceship in the right direction to pick up astronauts avoid dangerous creatures and meteors and lead the team to safety!
Space Pilot
Space Pilot is an online HTML5 game that can be played on any device! Always wanted to be a space pilot this is your chance! You are the captain of a space ship and you need to avoid the rocky spikes Grab the stars on your way to buy cool upgrades in the store Dont wait start flying now!
Space Mandala
In this awesome HTML5 Game Space Mandala you have to create mandalas in the SPACE! It is not as simple as it sounds because you have to use the right figures to create this mandala How far can you go in this puzzle space game?
Space Friends
Choose your character and the best color to travel through the space Beware of everything that falls down and collect the lives and the bullets! How many points can you get?
Space Dash
Explore the space avoiding the obstacles! Astronauts need to be fast and awake! Ready to start?
Space Cord
Space Cord is a cool HTML5 game In this challenging game you are flying through space Steer you ship and dont touch the sides How far can you fly?
Space Conflict
Captain! We need your help! The universe is under a meteorite attack and you are the only one to save it! Use the cannons of your space ship to destroy the meteors before they reach you So dont wait start your engines and start shooting!
Space Bubbles
Shoot all the space bubbles away with your spaceship You have to concentrate and shoot the right color! Try to finish all 70 levels!
Solitaire TriPeaks Garden
Tap a card that is one higher or one lower than the card on the deck When you run out of card that fits tap the deck Play multiple cards in a row to earn rewards such as coins bonus cards or wild cards
Solitaire Master
You can choose one of the three game variations: solitaire freecall or spiderette Clear the table by ranking the cards in solitaire
Solitaire Legend
A normal solitaire game let me see your skills! Are you a Solitaire Legend?
Solitaire Grande
Like a classic Solitaire game! Fill the foundation slots above with all the cards starting with ace! Goodluck!
Solitaire 13 in 1
Are you a real solitaire fan? In this game you can find 13 different solitaire games that will keep you busy for hours! Try Freecell Yukon Golf Canfield and many more variants of solitaire in this game!
Solitaire 0-21
The goal of the game is to collect all number cards from the board Your sum must stay between 0 and 21 In order to do that you can also use special cards such as min mid or max These cards set the value of your sum to the corresponding value
Soldiers Combat
Reach the end and collect all the keys On the way you will encounter enemies so beware! Open the boxes for surprises
Help the little man to get out of the room Do this by moving the blocks All blocks must cover a green circle!
Socxel is the pixel soccer game Play with one two or four players!
Soccer Champ
Use your soccer skills hit the ball at the right time and defeat your opponent! Can you score?
Sniper Clash 3D
Team shooter with capture the flag mechanics won’t leave you neutral for many hours Take a role of a secret agent sniper to infiltrate and seize the trophy relic from the evil desert nomads Aim and shoot to kill There are also many hidden objects and secret weapons on the level Find them all to make your tactical comeback Survive the storm in the desert surrounded by greeny palm trees against the sunset evening sky The character upgrade system will give you an additional advantage in the next battle
Snake Condo 2
Snake Condo 20 is the newest version of the Snake Condo game! All new skins have been added for you to unlock as well as a new feature: TNT bombs! This game will put your reflexes and timing to the test! Collect as many carrots and coins as you can but avoid the sides the hills and of course make sure to not hit any TNT! Unlock new skins with the coins you have collected
Snake Condo
Snake Condo is a cool HTML5 game that can be played on any device Steer the snake through the jungle and dont touch the sides!
Snake Attack
Snake Attack is the HTML5 version of the famous slither io! Eat fruit to grow your snake but watch out for the other snakes!
Snake and Ladders
Reach the end of the board by launching the dice Rolling a 6 will give the player an extra dice If you jump with your pion on a number with a ladder you will go up But be aware if you jump with your pion on a number with a snake you will go down! Play Snakes and Ladders against your friends and beat them all!
Smashed Zombies
Zombies are rising from the ground this night! Kill them before it is to late and be awake to avoid the kids! For every zombie who escapes you will lose a life!
Smart Numbers
Not as easy as it looks like! Reach the highest number you can!
Slalom Ski Simulator
Choose your player and slalom around the flags try to ski down for the fastest time You can move with your arrows If you fall you can try again You have 12 levels
Sky Troops
In this awesome game in the skys you have to shoot the planes down and rescue the people on the ground! Be the hero and defeat all the enemies before they shoot you out of the air Upgrade your plane and get back on the battle field!
Sky Battle
There is a battle in the sky right now! Missiles are falling move the plane as a real pilot and use your skills to avoid the shocks using the arrows on the screen! Try to make not your plan explode!
Ski Rush
Ski Rush puts your reflexes to the test! Grab the flags for points and evade the obstacles! The game will become more challenging the further you get!
Skateboard Hero
Choose your hero and compete in the skateboarding event Combo your jumps grinds and tricks to ride your way to victory! Will you win a gold medal across all events?
Sir Bottomtight
Get ready for this awesome platformer! Sir Bottomtight is left alone in the jungle and he only has his gun to protect him Fight againts crazy bats and powerfull inca warriors Can you reach the hidden treasure in the jungle?
Sicario Kid
Shoot Bombs
Your bomb is ready to explode in the air! But be careful to avoid the obstacles they are everywhere!
Sheep Stacking
Sheep Stacking is a cool game of skill You control the sheep and please drop them right on time If you are skilled you can build a huge tower of sheep Start stacking now! Beehhhhh
You are the triangle in the middle and you are attacked if you dont expect it! So be careful! You can turn to aim and then shoot back to get a level!
Scatty Maps Europe
Choose the easy mode or the challenge mode and play! Try to complete the whole map with as few mistakes as you can
Save the Monster
Monsters have an heart too! Help this little monster to explore the castle avoiding the stones on his path!
Santa’s Warehouse
Santa Claus lives in a large house located at the North Pole In this game you help Santa to organize the presents in his warehouse by moving them to the designated storage locations During Christmas there’s a lot of work to be done; Santa would appreciate it if you lend a hand!
Santas Quest
Slide road tiles to make a path for Santa to the goal Stone tiles cant be moved Aim to win with as few moves as possible when you are stuck use a hint!
Santas Gifty Night
There are different presents match 3 of the same with each other!
Santas Gift Line
Help Santa arrange the presents! Place three of the same presents next to each other and they will be yours!
Santa Ski
Three two one… Go! Slide ski jump and fly with Santa in the exciting challenges!
Santa Run
Santa Claus is in a hurry! Help him deliver all of the gifts through the chimneys of the houses! Dodge all of the gaps and the falling icicles!
Santa or thief
Who are you helping Santa or the thief? Oh wait you are both! Help them and make sure you wont get caught
Santa on Skates
Christmas is coming and the Santa has changes his reindeers for ice skates! Now Santa needs your help to collect all the presents and candy for the kids
Santa Haircut
It is almost Christmas and Santa would like to have a new haircut and a new outfit Help Santa to look brand new for Christmas Shave of his hair until he is bald or shave of his beard? Or give him super long hair with a cool color Try all the accessories and have fun with creating a new Santa Try out everything to unlock every achievements
Samurai Cat Spinner
The newest trend of 2017 is the Fidget Spinner and now there is a HTML5 game of the fidget spinner! It is called Samurai Cat Spinner! Can you control this Fidget Spinner? Set your highscore now and unlock new items!
Runic Blocks
You get different forms of blocks If you fill a row they go away try that as much as possible
Rummy is a HTML5 Card Game Enjoy this stylish version of the Classic Rummy Card Game! The game is based on the rules of the Classic version of Rummy
Try to stop the attackers by shooting at them When the bar of the attackers is completely red they can no longer attack and then they die There are different types of levels you have levels while you are driving and you have to protect yourself in the car and there are also levels that you have to protect the house
Reunite the dragon with his body Keep turning the screen until the dragons head is on his body!
Rolly Cars
Are you a save driver? Drive safe as far as you can! Dont you love the game?
Rolling Panda
Help this cute panda to climb so high as possible and dont let him fall! When you shoot the panda he will roll and stick to the walls but be aware to do this fast Can you set an high score?
Roll this Ball
Slide the wooden tiles to make a path for the ball to the goal
Rotate the maze and launch the rocket you are attached to and get to the exit door Use your arrows to control you can also start your rocket but only if you have fuel
Rocket 3D Clash
Tactical team shooter full of adrenaline and reckless action will brighten up any waiting time Lead the resistance squad of special forces opposed to attempts of enemy intelligence agents to establish control over the missile base In this battle you’ll harness the power of a tactical shortened version of the famous AK and a secret weapon hidden in the depths of the level Be wary of acid pools of toxic rocket fuel and explore the network of underground tunnels The character upgrade system will give you an additional advantage in the next battle
Robot Police Iron Panther
The robot police are back update the parts and polish them!
Robbers in Town
The thieves have robbed a bank in the Town! Try to help them escape and steal some extra gold on there way out In this challenging game you have to pay attention to two thieves at the same time Do you have enough focus to help them both to get out of this town?
Roar of City
Roar of City is a typical fight game! Smash kick and hit all your enemies and fight your way to the next level Use your special attack only when your special powers balk is full otherwise you will hurt yourself Can you beat them all?
Road Fury
Unleash your fury on the highway and shoot down everything that moves! Tip: if you cant shoot it take it those are power-ups!
Rival Rush
Do you love driving fast? This is the game for you! You have just 3 lives to complete the game dont waste them! Try to avoid the other cars all around you and be careful they could move!
Reversi Mania
Aim of the game own more pieces than your opponent You win by making your color dominant on the board The game is over when neither player has a move Are you up for this strategic game?
Flip your opponents pieces by trapping them between two of your own Your aim is to own more pieces than your opponent when the game is over Play against your friends or beat the computer
Rescue The Gardener
Rescue The Gardener is an awesome HTML5 game! It has 3 stages in the first stage you need to heal the gardener in the second stage you dress her up and in the last stage you decorate the garden Help the gardener out now!
Rescue The Carpenter
In Rescue the Carpenter the carpenter is a bit clumsy and has hurt herself! Could you get her back on her feet? Help this carpenter heal and then dress her up Are you up for this fun challenge?
Redemption Slot Machine
Set bet pay lines and spin wheels If you win risk your coins in a double chance for a bigger reward!
Ranger vs Zombies
In this zombie game you need to help the ranger shoot the zombies by timing his shots and jump Beware the zombies are on the land and also in the air They wont die with just one bullet Try to get the highest score and collect all the coins
Rainforest Adventure
Sink into the heart of this amazing rainforest and live an adventure with us
Power Wall
Keep the accelerating ball in the laboratory as long as possible trough the activating power walls
In the game Pow pet you have your own really cute pet Make sure to earn coins by playing mini-games! With the coins you can buy food for your pet Also dont forget to clean him and let him rest
Pop-Pop Candies
In this match 3 candy game you need to connect three or more identical candies then they will pop-pop! When all the candies are popped you win!
Poop It
Poop it is a funny HTML5 game where you have to challenge yourself against the time! Can you splash and match enough poops? Be aware you may get a laugh kick!
Pool:8 ball mania
Pool: 8 Mania applies the standard eight-ball rules Aim and hit the cue ball to hit and pot the colorful balls into the pockets Be careful to pot only your own balls (Solids or Stripes depending on the first one your pot) and the black one afterward
Pong Goal
Beat your opponent by scoring in his goal But beware he also wants to score in your goal!
Polar Fall
Polar Fall is game which puts your reflexes and insight to the test! Be fast to determine your path try to evade the gaps and think twice before jumping on a blue block!
Pokemon Dress Up
Gotta catch them all with style! What is the best look? Choose the shirt the pants the jewels and dont forget your pokémon! Share on Facebook your unique and unforgettable style and compete with your friends to create a new amazing look!
Pocahontas Slots
Welcome into the reign of Pocahontas! Push the spin buttom and go for the win! You can also bet on multiple line to increase your winning possibilities …Best of luck!
Connect the pipe pieces together and ensure that the water can flow through it Make sure that all the arrows are in the right direction Can you reach level 30?
Playful Kitty
Playful Kitty is a really cute HTML 5 puzzle game You need to bring the kitty to his ball of wool But it is not as easy as it sounds because there are some obstacles Can you make this Kitty happy?
Planet Guardian
You are the Planet Guardian defense the planet from all the anemies You can shoot and also collect shields to protect your self! Some anemies are stronger than the others!
Planet Explorer
Planet Explorer is a cool HTML5 game thats all about timing! You are on a mission to explore the universe While you are orbiting around a planet you need to time your jump to the next planet If you time correctly you will continue your exploration if you dont you get lost in space Are you ready to explore?
This HTML5 game requires skill and timing In Plan99 you control the space ship that you need to send towards the warp zone that takes you to the next level Warning: this game can be frustrating!
Pizza Ninja Mania
Pizza Ninja Mania is a game where you have to drag the mouse to slice the food for the pizza Watch out for the bombs if you slice the bomb you have one chance less You have three chances if you slice the special fruits you have a chance back
Pizza ninja 3
Cut slice and slash all the pizza ingredients like a ninja! Become a real Pizza Ninja but be carefull for the bombs!
Pixel Castle Runner
Are you ready for HTML5 game Pixel Castle Runner? In this game you are a little pixel knight and you have to run and jump over dangerous obstacles! In this game you can prove that you are a true brave knight LETS GO!!
Pirates! is a great match 3 game in which you have to collect points and gems before the time runs out! Complete the levels so you can continue your sailing adventure to the outer corners of the sea!
Pirate Swap
Become a real pirate and improve your score as much as you can by marching symbols of the same type! ARRR you ready for a lot of fun?
Pirate Coin Golf
Shoot the coin all the way to the end Bounce against obstacles collect pirates and make sure you do not hit the side!
Pipe Mania
Connect the pipes with each other so the water can flow through Beware you do not have all the time!
Pingu & Friends
Can you reach the top? Jump as high as you can good luck!
Piggy Night
Aim and shoot! Shoot the piggys in the circles and watch out for the monsters!
Piggy Bank
Piggy is there to help you save your coins! Lead your coins to piggy to complete the level and try to collect all stars!
Pie Attack
Oh no! Super bad cake villains invaded the city! The police are helpless - only the special Pie Attack force can stop the bad guys! Also there are some old ladies
Pick a Lock
Get ready for popping locks in this simple yet exciting game!
Pharaoh Slot Casino
Pharaoh slots casino is a game where you can gamble just like in a real casino It is in a pharaoh style with different animals in it
Perfect Fall
You are a basketball player and the only way to win is to understand what is the correct moment to leave the ball fall down! Don’t disappoint all the fans of yours!
Penguin vs Snowman
Those snowmen are trying to destroy home! Shoot them and defend what is yours! Give a weapon to a penguin and the win will be yours!
Penalty Shooters 2
A penalty tournament how far can you get?! Use your shoot and goalkeeper skills! Good luck
Penalty Kicks
Penalty Kicks is a HTML5 Sport Game Your team has chosen you to score the crucial goal that will lead you to the victory! Aim the ball and kick it past the goalkeeper!
Penalty Challenge
Choose a country and shoot penalties against other countries! You have 5 chances to score as many penalties as possible You are also a goalkeeper try to stop as many balls as possible to win the game!
Pearls Peril
Pearls father has suddenly passed away and she has inhereted Artemis Island Help Pearl to find all of the objects at Artemis Island and discover their meaning Relive the romance and adventure of the thirties with beautiful hidden-treasurescenes and engaging stories
Pastry Passion
Pastry Passion is a combination of a match-3 game and a cooking game! Help baker Henri make all of the cakes for his customers by collecting the right ingredients!
Try to unite all colours in the field into one colour to complete the levels!
Prove you drive skills in this awesome parking game Are you the King of the car or do you bump into anything!
In this game you fight for the space you share with other players But its not as simple as it seems You have to outwit your opponents and take up as much space as possible at the same time So what are you waiting for?
Paper Survive
Have you ever seen a paper plane like that? Its flying very fast but there are a lot of obstacles on his way! Collect all the coins and try to complete the path without losing control of it!
Outer Space Arkanoid
Classic Arkanoid or Breakout game in HTML5 Shoot all bricks with the ball and keep the ball in the game with your paddle
Omit Orange 2
Omit Orange 2 is now out! It is a challenging game that puts your intelligence to the test! In Omit Orange 2 you have to clear the screen of certain blocks while keeping the right ones in
Omit Orange
In Omit Orange you have to clear the screen of certain blocks while keeping the right ones in The game puts your intelligence to the test!
Protect the balls in the middle by clicking on the screen and turning it
Ocean Pop
Help the hero crab free the fish! The fish is caught in a cage remove all objects without letting the crab fall so he can safe the fish!
Non-Stop Spinner
Why a real fidget spinner if you have the game? Let the spinners make circles as much as you can This game never gets boring
Ninja Run
In this platformer game you are a fast running ninja! Jump dodge en shoot your shuriken to survive!
Ninja Run
Try to get as far as possible with Ninja Run and grab as many coins as possible Can you get a score of 300?
Ninja Dragon
Jump from side to side and avoid the other ninjas and the dragon! Collect as many points as you can!
Ninja Clash Heroes
Choose your ninja and enter the 3D Warfield Shoot your enemies in team deathmatch Invite your friends to your room and play with them or against them Upgrade your gun and character and show your shooting skills in this 3D shooting game!
Ninja Boy 2
Ninja Boy 2 is the newest version of the classic Ninja Boy game! This agile ninja is able to anything! Slice your enemies dodge incoming attacks and obstacles collect all the coins and find your way to the chest at the end of the level!
Ninja Boy
This little ninja is simply deadly! We hope that you have no fear of heights because he can jump so high to make you dizzy! Kill all the mosters on your way collect all the coins and finally reach the chest at the end of every levels
Ninja Action 2
Ninja Action 2 is here! Like Ninja Action you are the ninja and you have to survive as long as possible Jump from side to side but beware of the other ninjas!
Ninja Action
You are the ninja and you have to survive as long as possible Walk across the ground and if there is a wall you should avoid it as quickly as possible you do this by jumping against the ceiling! You can walk over the ceiling! Havent you always wanted to do that?
You ended up in a nightmare of a cute dinosaur! Try to avoid all objects nobody can be trusted! The nightmare takes place in space luckily the dino wears a helmet! How long do you survive?
Neon Shoot
How many goals can you make?
Neon Hero
Do you want to become a neon hero? Jump on the tree lines on your screen avoiding the red shapes and collect the rings to increase your score!
Neon Gravity
Challenge the force of gravity! Avoid the obstacles and complete your path!
Neon Glow
Play now this awesome neon game where your in control of a neon glow spaceship You have three roads with obstacles that you can take down by using your bullets Try to set a highscore by shooting and dodging!
Neon Dunk
Neon Dunk is an exciting skill based game where you have to maneuver the ball through the hoops collect stars and avoid the spikes!
Neon Blitz
Jump from side to side collect stars and avoid the missiles! Try to get as many points as possible you have to pay attention everywhere!
Neon Batlle Tank
Protect yourself and your base from the attacks of enemy tanks
NBalls is a new game that defies the bubble shooter genre now youll need to bounce on blocks! Bounce the balls off the boxes until they dissapear before they reach the bottom! Each box has a numver which indicates how much hits it requires to be destroyed Collect the green circles to acquire even more balls and speed up your progress!
Mushroom Pop
Dont let the mushrooms in your garden! With Mushroom Pop you will make all mushrooms disappear from the grass As you go through the game more and more mushrooms will be there and harder it will be to remove them from the stage
Mummy Candies
The mummy wants to eat candy! Can you help him to get some candy? The bigger the candy the more points you get Watch out you have to get 700 points in 60 seconds
Muky & Duky Match Drop
Help the adorable couple Muky and Duky on their quest! Reach the goals of the levels by making combinations and finish every level!
MTB Hero
Choose your hero and complete 3 courses in the mountain biking downhill event Steer between the gates avoid obstacles and collect boosts to improve your times Will you win a gold medal?
Mow it
Help the man to mow all the grass Note it is not always easy! Mow It all!
Moving Tiles
This game is moving fast are you fast enough to match two of the same tiles and get your points before all the tiles are gone! You need to focus on this game or otherwise you will fail are you ready for this cool Mahjong game?
Mouse Down
This little mechanic mouse needs your help to complete his path! You must collect all the keys you find in your way to recharge the time before its too late! Avoid the obstalces and try to be fast!
Mountain Mind
Mountain Mind is a fun memory game that use items in mountain style Try to found the same pare as fast as possible to get the most points
Moto Fury
Ride as long and fast as you can without crashing! Overtake cars closely at high speeds to gain extra points and cash Riding in the opposite direction also gives more points and cash Get the highest score!
Moon Clash Heroes
Rookie join the Space Forces! Build your career as a fearless spy capable of destroying enemies with one shot from the shadows Take the role of a huge terminator armed with a big mass destruction system and trample your enemies Climb into the shoes of a special forces soldier with a Tesla-type lightning gun or take control of a remote strike bot with a photon weapon Everything is possible in the space squad! Explore all the nooks and crannies of the abandoned lunar base enjoy the views of deep space and defeat your rivals Command has high hopes for you soldier Unlock the deadly powers of your class and collect stars to open crates with awesome weapons and boosters Upgrade your character earn medals and enjoy Moon Clash Heroes to the fullest!
Match the same monsters with each other and try to set a high score Can you not move any further restart the game and try again!
Monster Smack
Monster Smack a funny little action game that will make you smile everytime you pick it up Monster Smack is a colorfull and funny action game with cheeky monsters and cool graphics
Monster Hand
In Monster Hand you have to find a logic to unite all the monster hands with each other Each Monster has a different amount of hands You have to use the switches and overcome some obstacles to reach out for every hand Click on the monsters or the switches to determine different directions
Monster Go
Connect the same cute monsters with each other you do this by drawing lines to the same color The further you go the more monsters and the harder the levels!
Monster Bricks
Destroy all bricks in the field by bouncing the ball off the platform! Collect the power ups an watch out for the monsters who are giving you a more difficult time!
Minisweeper Mania
In this game you are presented with a board of squares Some squares contain mines (bombs) others dont Clicking a square that doesnt have a bomb reveals the number of neighboring squares containing bombs To open a square point at the square and click on it Are you up for this challenge?
Miniputt Holiday
Get ready for the Christmas Holidays with Mini Putt - Gem Holiday Start putting the golf balls on this Christmas themed course Do you have the skills to stay under par?
Minigolf World
Mini Golf World is a really cool HTML5 game! You get challenges by this game and you have use your brains to master the Mini Golf World
Minigolf Master
A new Mini golf game! Are you a mini golf master? Lets try! There are a lot of challenges for you!
Mini-O Stars
Luck Starwalker needs your help! Gather enough coins to free his friends Be quick and avoid all the angry space troopers! Mini-o Stars is a simple and challenging ping pong-style game There are 4 additional fun characters to unlock!
Mini Push
Click on active blocks to flip the state of all blocks make ways for our little friend to get the coins
Mini Colors
Mini Colors is a puzzle game where you have to turn on/off color platforms in order to reach your loved one; is inspired in some retro games and holds a minimalistic style Mini Colors has 36 levels with different puzzles and a SpeedRun mode Controls: -X Space or Left Click to switch the Gravity
Mini Blocks
Switch blocks cleverly and make your way to the target portal Try to pass all 30 levels!
Mini Battles
In this awesome game you have tons of minibattles you can play against 6 of your friends! Throw axes play Sumo wrestling or a tank battle find out in which minigames you are the best!
Mini Arrows
Mini Arrows is an awesome HTML5 pixel game Click on the screen to change the state of all arrows! Are your reflection skills good enough to complete all 27 levels?
Miner Jump
Life in the mines is tough! Jump jump and jump if you want to survive to those terrible snails!
Miner Jump
Life in the mines is tough! Jump jump and jump if you want to survive to those terrible snails!
Micro Battle Tank
Shoot your enemy beware he also shoots back of course Collect shields and packages to protect yourself! Can you beat the enemy in Micro Battle Tank?
Memory Match
Remember all of the cards positions and find all of the pairs as quick as you can! This memory game is in an amazing Dia de Los Muertos style!
Meme Dance
How good are your dance skills? Show me! Dance as fast as you can in the given time!
Medieval Dodgeball
Even in the Middle Ages they played dodgeball The only difference is that you are on your own now But you can handle that right? Dodge the black balls and collect the diamonds These will make your score go up Are you ready to start the game? Have fun
Maze Lover
In this awesome puzzle game you have to bring to lovers to each other so they can be forever together! Think fast move fast and show your puzzle skills in this maze game! Lets bring those lovers together in each level
Math Farm
Practice math skills and learn new skills at the same time in the HTML5 game Math Farm! Choose your character and solve the sums before the monsters are grabbing you When you solve a sum your character will react by shooting down the monsters No worries the air support will also help you out! Can you solve the math in all 60 levels?
Master Chess
Play against a friend or the computer in this chess game The clock is ticking Can you get a checkmate before you run out of time?
Master Checkers
You can play against a friend or the computer in this timed version of the classic board game Can you capture all of their checkers before they get yours?
Mahjong Quest
Play Mahjong Quest to relax in a zen atmosphere The levels get more and more challenging as you progress through the game each with a soothing oriental soundtrack
Mahjong Master 2
Find matching pair of tiles to remove them from the field! Try to clear the hole field!
Mahjong Fortuna 2
Enjoy Mahjong Fortuna 2 and explore countless variations of the Zodiac signs in Mahjong Fortuna 2
Mahjong Fortuna
Play Mahjongg Fortuna a Mahjong classic Match tiles and learn all about your future
Mahjong Flowers
Match identical tiles to remove them from the board until its entirely cleared This Mahjong game is special there are beautiful flowers everywhere!
Mahjong Everyday
Mahjong Everyday is the perfect game to enjoy every day of the week Match stones and clear the board
Mahjong Digital
Mahjong Digital puts your intelligence and insight to the test! This game plays like the classic Mahjong games but this one has gotten a digital makeover! If you are really stuck in a level you can ask for a tip or reshuffle the board but the further you get the less you will be able to use these abilities! Play the game and try to clear the boards before time runs out!
Magic Match
Welcome to the Magic Match world! You get a Boom and Line removal booster to speed up your challenge You will get these items if you match 5 or more blocks Tap or click any block with the same color 2 blocks at minimum Can you complete all the levels?
Mafia Poker
Classic texas hold em poker game rules apply Briefly: the main goal is to gather all off the chips each player around the table has
Love Pop
A bubble shooting game where you help Cupid spread the power of love! Group bubbles of the same score together and try to set the new highscore!
Fill the figures with there own shadows You have a few points to make them
Little Shop of Treasures 2
Welcome back to Huntington in Little Shop of Treasures 2 a new adventure of hidden object fun
Little Shop of Treasures
Play Little Shop of Treasures search for requested items and sell them to your customers!
Little Shop 3 City Lights
Help all your customers find what theyre looking for Sell objects by clicking them one by one
Little Jump Guy
In this platformer game you play with the little guy who can jump very far Jump through all the levels and try not to fall!
Little Blocks
Shoot the targets with the blocks collect the stars and claim all boxes in Little Blocks!
Little Big Runners
You are a little adventurer in search of the legendary relic of GROWTH In this quest you come to a place called Monster Land!
Links Puzzle
Clear the links puzzle! See the small example on the left and rebuild them!
Light Rays
Bring the light rays to the glass bulb with help from the mirrors but you only have a few mirrors for a level
Lets Go Fishing
Grab your fishing rod and catch a big fish! It’s summer time and there’s nothing better than going on a fishing trip Let’s go fishing
Las Vegas Roulette
Pick chips in the chip selection place them where you think the ball will fall! And win?!
Las Vegas Blackjack
Build your bet choose the best tactics beat the dealer and win great prices!
Krishna Jump
A game on Lord Krishna Celebrate this beautiful Indian festival Janmashtami with the cool game Krishna Jump​ Lets knock down the Dahi handi here!
Knights Diamonds
Knights Diamond is an great action game where you can become the best knight ever! You have to fight pick up gold and defeat all the enemies! Are you up for this challenging game?
Knife Ninja
Knife Ninja is a challenging and addictive knife-throwing game Toss the knives at the spinning targets and try to chop up the tomatoes The targets spin at different speeds and they change direction too! Wait for the perfect moment to hit your target If you hit the back of another knife your knife will be deflected and youll have to start over again A little patience goes a long way so take your time!
Knife Hit
Did you always wanted to throw knifes! This is your chance get handy with these sharp knifes Throw them on the right time on the block and be aware that all the knifes has to fit on the block Can you take this challenge?
Klondike Solitaire
To win solitaire you must get all the cards on the foundation piles Place them in the right order!
Help the cat to collect al the fish! Do this by shooting at the different colors
Kingy Eternal Gems
Move all the diamonds of the same color next to each other These will disappear and you get points! Collect all the creepy cards with as many points as possible!
King Soldiers 4
Attention soldier! King Soldiers 4 is the next mission for you Use your different weapons to take out the enemies and try to do so with as few shots as possible! Some of you enemies can jump and others are behind walls so watch you shots carefully!
King Soldiers 3
Ehy soldier! Are you ready for a new King Soldier adventure? Use your weapon to kill all those monsters and complete every level collecting 3 stars Try to waste not your shots and you will see your score increase and increase!
King Soldiers 2
Ehy soldier! Are you ready for a new adventure? Use your weapon to kill all those monsters and complete every level collecting 3 stars Try to waste not your shots and you will see your score increase and increase!
King Soldiers
You are a soldier and your mission is not so easy: kill all the frogs using as less shots as you can and collect 3 stars a level!
Kind Cloud
Jump from top to bottom and avoid the stones that suddenly come from the side Save as many coins as possible on the way!
Kids Zoo Fun
Try this kids puzzle game with all kinds of animals! Make it harder by trying more pieces!
Kids Zoo Farm
You can choose visit the farm and the zoo to feed the animals or play the animal quiz! Fun!
Kids Cute Pairs
Play memory with fruit music or animals can you win? Challenge your friends!
Kids Animal Fun
Choose the number of pieces and start! Can you complete all the animal puzzles?
Kid Icarus Deluxe
Fly around and avoid the pillars by going right in between Collect keys on the way Have not you always wanted to fly once?!
Kick Cup
You are a young soccer player and your aim is to do as many goals as you can… but that is not all! Try to match the balls of the same colour everytime you succed to avoid the goalkeeper and make them disappear!
Kage Ninja Revenge
Protect yourself from the bot who will shoot you! You can kill him by jumping on him goodluck!
Jurassic Run
You are the scout and you have to survive from rock to rock Do this by making lines not to short not to long You are followed by a dinosaur so be quick!
Jungle Roller
Find your way out of the maze by completing puzzles and overcoming the obstacles! Unlock the hatches evade bombs and escape the maze!
Jungle Bricks
Help the hungry jungle boy to collect some delicious food by destroying the bricks Shoot against them and clean the field to level up to the next stage
Jumpy Kangeroo
First click on the screen to jump than click to land on a pole! How many poles can you land on?
Jumpy Ape Joe
Lead Jumpy Ape Joe to the exit door of every level! Evade gaps spikes and snails and collect all bananas to open the door! Be as quick as you can the time above indicated how much stars you will get for your performance
Jumping Ninjas
You are the ninja Collect as much money as you can and protect yourself to al the sharp items and the other ninjas How are your ninja skills? You can also try it with a friend!
Jumping Light
Jumping Light is a funny arcade style HTML5 game that needs skill and timing You control the light and the only goal is not to fall down Steer left and right to stay on the light bulbs
Jumping Bee
Jump with this cute bee as high as you can! Watch out for the stinging branches when they hit the bee youre game over! What is your high score?
Jumper Frog
Jumper Frog is an online HTML5 game similar to the Konami hit title Frogger that was published in 1981 The goal of the game is to guide the frogs to their homes one by one But the road to home is full with obstacles First you need to cross a dangerous road full of speeding cars then you need to cross a river by jumping from one log to the other It requires skill timing and patience Jump frogger JUMP!
Jump with Justin
This is a jumping game of gigantic proportions! Fire the mad inventor Justin the beaver off on a crazy jumping journey Along the way grab coins and collect his wacky inventions such as magentism rockets and helium to make him jump even higher but watch out for obstacles and Justins evil inventions as they will crash him back down to the ground with a bump!
Jump Santa Jump
Are you a ninja Santa? Collect as much gifts as you can and protect yourself to al the obstacles How are your ninja skills? You can also try it with a friend!
Jump Me
Jump Me is a single-player puzzle game based on chess knight steps The game contains hundreds of levels \ boards in different shapes at different levels You can buy boosts and power-ups within the game and try to get on the global scoreboard!
Jump Down
Try to get the ball down but watch out for the red tiles Test your eye-hand coordination in this game and set a highscore!
Jigsaw Palace
Jigsaw Palace is a deceptively simple puzzle game that puts your intelligence to the test! Try to fit all the objects in the grid but do not underestimate the functions that enable you to split rotate or even duplicate an object because you have to use every item to be able to complete the level!
Jewel Pop
Swap and match colorful balloons to from chains of 3 or more of the same color
Jewel Pets Match
Try this cute animal game Get three pets in a row for points Try to get all the points you need to achieve the level But be aware you only have a few moves!
Jewel Magic Xmas
Match triplets of cute Christmas decorations in lots of challenging levels!
Jewel Legend
Make diamond matches three or more of the same diamond!
Jewel Hunt
Do you like match 3 games? We have a new one with jewels! Look at the top of what you have to do and get the levels!
Jewel Explode
Match 3 or more colored jewels in Jewel Explode to create a chain of 3 or more The more matches you make the higher you score! What highscore can you get?
Jewel Duel
Swap the symbols to create a group of at least three that identical!
Jewel Dash
Try this unique and fun match 3 puzzle game Progress throughout the game and unlock different power ups Complete various challenges to unlock skins for your gems
Jewel Christmas
A match 3 game in Christmas style! Match the Christmas items with each other You can choose different levels good luck!
Jewel Bubbles
Swap adjacent bubbles to form horizontal or vertical chains of three or more of the same color!
Jewel Aquarium
Jetpack Santa
He Santa! Strap up your jetpack and start picking up presents In this arcade style HTML5 game you are Santaclaus and you have work to do Pick up all the presents but avoid the obstacles!
Jet Cat
Did you like Flappy Bird? We have a new game like that but with a cute cat! The game is very addictive and hard!
Jelly Land is all about matching jellies of the same color Shoot jellies and clear the level Can you finish all 18 levels? Start shooting now!
Jelly vs Candy
These little Jellies are waiting to be crushed against the candies! Choose the right direction wait for the good moment and let them run but be careful! The walls are sharp and none wants to see a jelly omelet!
Jelly Slide
This little jelly wants to collect all the stars! Try to avoid the stones that are falling form the sky they are not so friendly…
Jelly Jump
Jelly Jump is an amazing game where you have to Jump higher survive longer and never give up!
Jelly Bomb
Clear all tables by dripping the jelly with jelly remover You need to ensure the perfect chain reaction using the tiny amount of jelly remover available
Jelly Bears
Dont play this game when you are hungry because these jelly bears are delicious! Match bears of the same color and clear the level If you are up for a challening HTML5 puzzle game go play!
Irresponsible Ninja
Help this irresponsible Ninja Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms Watch out! If the stick is not long enough you will fall down! Try to hit the red spot on the platform to earn some extra time How far can you go?
I like OJ
You might know Pikotaro from the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song but he also loves his orange juice! Try to make the most you can for him and unlock new items!
Choose your favorite country and start the race to jump over the hurdles Set a high score on each level and try to accomplish the last: level 12 Do you have timing skills? Find out now in the game Hurdles!
Hungry Harry
In this awesome game you have to help Hamster Harry Touch the screen or click with your mouse to change the direction of Harry or he will fall off the platform!
Hotel Solitaire
Welcome to Hotel Solitaire Take the elevator to reach one of its 20 floors Each On each floor you will find 5 rooms each with its own game of solitaire Play all the way through to reach the terrace of this happy hotel and enjoy the view So take a few days off and book yourself into Hotel Solitaire Play 15 different card games and 100 levels either against the clock or with no time limit
Hotel Mahjong
Your favorite hotel offers you music relax and majoring! Match two identical titles to remove them!
Horror Massacre
Halloween is near and also cold and spooky nights come along! Monsters besides haunting also have personal lives and get cold at nights too so they have to add wood to the furnace So besides chopping heads down its also needed to chop trees! But watch out because their branches are also pointed at you! Chop off as many logs from the tree as you can while avoiding the approaching branches! Switch your position to avoid danger Do you have what it takes to get the golden medal?
Hit the Glow
Shoot the ball to the circels you have to shoot only the red ones! And especially the circle in the middle
Hit Hex
Shoot the red balls on the colored figures with numbers on them Try to get the numbers 0!
Hipster vs Rockers
Hipster vs Rockers is an awesome game where you have to dress up the hipsters and the rockers You can choose from different hairs skirts dresses pants and shoes If you dont know how to dress the girls you can click on the dice and the dice will choose a nice outfit for you!
Hide Caesar
Hide Caesar 2 is a challenging puzzle game Place the objects in such a way that Caesar is not harmed Go back in time with this game based on ancient Rome history
Hidden Object Superthief
Find out if you have the skills of a thief in this hidden object game! Search fast and get the job done on time Are you ready for this challenge or do you get caught by the police?
Drag and drop hexas to match four of the same numbers!
Hexa Blocks
Fill the empty spots with the blocks you get When you have a full row they disappear and you get points! The more points you get the more levels you get!
Hero vs Square
Help the hero to get on the other side! Change the size of the square to make them fit in the ground!
Hello Winter
Hello Winter a great hidden object game in winter theme! Seek for the items that are hidden in the in the cute winter levels! Can you score 3 stars in every level?
Hello Love
Hello fans of truly adorable hidden object games! Find hidden objects in some very lovely images in your Hello Love game Explore 16 different images of love and get 3stars at a level by finding all of the hidden objects without mistakes
Hell Trap
Fly up and down but watch out for the lasers you cant touch them otherwise you will be game over!
Hearts Medicine
Become a doctor in a romantic medical drama and be part of the life of aspiring surgeon Allison Heart! When Allison falls in love with Daniel Head of the Hospital she discovers that she still has strong feelings for her old flame Connor Head of Pediatrics Romance blossoms when suddenly Daniel has a terrible accident and Allison is the only one who can save his life! In fact she’s rushing him to the hospital when the ambulance crashes
Happy Chicken Jump
In this awesome puzzle game you have to bring to lovers to each other so they can be forever together! Think fast move fast and show your puzzle skills in this maze game! Lets bring those lovers together in each level
Happy Alien Jump
Choose which alien you want to play with And then choose which level you want to do for example the canyon or icy peak Jump up and move with your arrows Try to get as high as possible!
Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel is a cool puzzle game! The goal of the game is to find the exit without running into crazy cats Can you finish all levels?
Help the hamster in his ball to get to the end Will you succeed through all obstacles? How many levels can you finish?
Hamster Match
What is the thing that hamsters prefer to do every time they are alone? Shoot bubbles for sure!
Halloween Night
Halloween Night comes up with a funny scary theme In the game there is a cute girl dressed up as a witch sitting on her magical broom Her broom contains so many amazing powers that help her to hit scary pumpkins and clear his way You need to tap to go high and release to go down Do not collide with roof bombs and ground
Halloween Monster Match
Do monsters scare you? Try this super match3 game matching the monsters of the same type in group of 3 or more! Time is flowing so be fast to increase your score!
Halloween Bubble Shooter
Make the bubbles explode! Use the special bubbles to increase your score and clean the sceen!
Halloween Bingo
Halloween time! Do you dare playing this bingo? Choose your numbers and play!
Guns and Bottles
You have six chances! Shoot all of the bottles with your gun are you a good shooter?
Gummy Blocks Evolution
Try to make all the gummy blocks with the faces disappear If you have a row full of gummy blocks it will disappear If you cant place a gummy block then you are game over and you can try again! There are three different categories classic advanced and bomb
Gummy Block
Try to make all gummy blocks disappear If you have a row full of gummy blocks it will disappear If you cant place a gummy block then you are game over and you can try again!
Gum Adventures
These cute gums are in love but separated unite them to finish the levels The gums can stick upside down use that power to go through the levels Are you ready for and black and white love story?
Grotty Scape
Grotty Scape is a great HTML5 game beat the monsters to get points can you complete al the levels?
Groovy Ski
Get ready to hit the slopes in this cool HTML5 game! Its all about skill and timing Steer the skier through fences and gather bonus starts along the way Can you make it to the bottom of the mountain?
Green Ball
This little green ball is rolling and it doesn’t want to stop! Try to make it go on! But be careful: avoid all the obstacles on the path and don’t let the little ball fall to complete all the levels!
Greedy Rabbit
The little rabbit cant get enough of delicious vegetables! Help the greedy little furball in this cute platform game to collect all the healthy treats Find a way through challenging levels and avoid dangers like spikes and crumbling platforms Can you complete all levels with 3 stars and fill the rabbits stomach?
Grandpas Attack
All of the grandpas and grandmas are tired of all the pesky teenagers! Drop items on the teens walking and skating by!
Goose Game
The aim of the game is to get your pawn to the final square before the others Throw the dices and travel across a board full of traps and dangerous adventures
Golf Park
Tap and hold for power release to hit the ball! Score as much as you can with the balls you get!
Gold Rush
Play Gold Rush - Treasure Hunt and dig mines and prospect for gold nuggets and other treasure!
Going Nuts
Going Nuts is a HTML5 Physics Game This cute squirrel is starving! Feed him with acorns and nuts then drop him into the basket to make him happy!
In Godai you are in control of the elements! Fuse elements together to unlock their evolution gain power ups and complete the objective of every level!
Goblin Run
Goblin Run! Help the goblin collect gold jump from platform to platform and dodge all of the obstacles!
Goblin Flying Machine
Fly higher than the sky! Control this crazy flying goblin and help him reach the stars The higher you get the harder the games becomes Play this HTML5 game on any device!
Goal! Goal! Goal!
Play this cool soccer game and score goals! Are you the talented soccer player that has the right timing and right shot? Play this awesome HTML5 sports game and show your skills!
Go Go Panda
This cute Panda goes on and on! Help him to jump over the obstacles and to collect as many stars as he can!
Glowing Circles
How accurate are you?! Remember yellow is THE color: avoid the red and the green figures and collect the yellow ones if you want to win throphies and improve your score!
Match three or more elements to fight! And beat the enemy!
Ghostly Pop
Do you fear ghosts? Face them with this amazing halloween game! Match the monsters of the same type to kill them all and complete all the levels!
Get 10 Plus
Matching the numbers has never been so much fun! Find and connect numbers to reach the highest number and score Every higher number is a new challenge How high can you get?
Get 10
Make the right combinations in Get 10! Figure out your strategy to reach a block of 10 combinations and finish the level with the highest score possible!
Germs Wrecker
In this awesome HTML5 game you have to swipe to wreck germs dont slice red cells or let germs escape!
Geometry Rush
Study what is the best moment to go and…FIRE! Avoid the obstacles and reach the green ball before it’s too late!
Geometrical Dash
Tap the screen or press space to jump But make sure you time your jumps precisely! You can hold your finger on the screen or hold down space to jump repeatedly Or Fly up if you are in a rocket!! Look out for spikes if you touch them you will be returned to the beginning of the level There are also many mutators to spice up the experience
Gear Escape
Gear Escape – is a casual HTML5 game Escape from the acid liquid jumping from platform to platform and break all your records!
Galaxy Warriors
Move your spaceship and attack the enemies But they will shoot you too so watch out!
Galaxy Jump
Ready for a galactic adventure? Start jumping all around the planet! Jump over the obstacles and collect coins to improve your score!
Galaxy Exploration
Always wanted to explore the galaxy? This is the moment embark on an epic Match 3 journey with over 80 levels of fun! Play this HTML5 game anywhere and anytime!
Galaxy Domination
Win the Galaxy though all the planets of Galaxy Domination! You have to intuit what is right moment to reach your target paying attention to the debris orbiting aroud the planets Each orbit has a different speed try to fly avoiding the impact and dont forget the missiles that attack you!
Galaxy Battle
Galaxy Battle is an awesome space battle HTML5 game where you can choose your own spaceship! Shoot on enemies rocks and avoid damages Do you have the skills to manage your own spaceship? Find out now in Galaxy Battle!
Galaxe is an old skool space shooter! You have to pay attention because they will shoot you down from everywhere You can shoot fly and use your shield how many bosses can you beat?
Galactic Safari
Galactic Safari a simple game Avoid and kill them all by shooting!
Galactic Judge
Play now this space shooter Take control of the aircraft shoot down your enemy and watch out for the stones Dont forget to collect the coins and upgrade your power-ups Choose your mission if you dare!
Your goal is to fill the cells with numbers 1-5 Each number can occur in row and column only once
Furious Laps
First driving lesson: try to not destroy your car!!! If you can
Funny Throat Surgery
Are you a real dentist? Use your teeth skills in this funny surgery game!
Funny Tattoo Shop
Finish your first tattoo in the game Funny Tattoo Shop! Choose a design you like and set the tattoo on a pretty girl Try out all the tattoos if you dare
Funny Soccer
Do you like football? This is the right game for you! Choose your team and try to score as many goals as you can! But be careful! There is another soccer who will make things difficult for you…
Funny Rescue Zookeeper
Funny rescue zookeeper is an awesome game were you have to help the zookeeper! Play all the mini games that will make her better and give her a great outfit for in the zoo!
Funny Rescue Pet
In the game Funny Rescue Pet you need to help the dog because his hutch is on fire! Also the cat is very cold They are counting on you! After you helped them you can decorate the dogs hutch and dress the pets
Funny Pet Haircut
In this cute animal HTML5 game you have to take care of two animals Clean them up cut their hair and give them great outfits
Funny Nose Surgery
In Funny Nose Surgery you need to play the doctor and help this little girl with her snotty nose! Play some mini-games that will take care of her snotty nose After you cure her you can give the girl a great outfit! What are you waiting for she needs a doctor now!!
Funny Haircut
Funny haircut is a cool hairdressing game in which you can give a young girl a new haircut and style a colorful outfit Play through the hairdressing session first and cut blow-dry smooth and curl as much as you can The front and rear sections can be processed differently After you have defined the basic structure you can color each strand individually in many bright or natural colors A monochrome look is also possible And then it goes to the closet Style a suitable outfit for the new funny haircut and decorate your customer with glitter tattoos and cute hair accessories Apply a nice make-up and bring out the new hairstyle
Funny Hair Salon
Play Funny Hair Salon to help out the bald-headed man! He lost all his hair and has a disgusting bald head now You must help him out by taking care of his head and give him great hair again Are you up for this challenge?
Funny Eyes Surgery
Help these kids with their infected eyes Follow the instructions and disinfect their eyes After that you can dress both kids up and send them back home!
Funny Ear Surgery
Another Funny Surgery game! Help the kid to clean her ear can you finish the three levels?
Funny Dentist Surgery
She loves candy but now she has horrible teeth trouble Can you as a dentist help her? At the end you can decorate her outfit en her teeth with stickers!
Funny Bunny Logic
Help the bunny to his carrots! But watch out there’s also lots of dangerous pools of lava You’ll definitely need to use some logic
Funny Bone Surgery
Be the doctor this little girl needs to recover from her accident She has broken bones and some wounds that need to be healed After that you can dress her up the way you like Go help her now!
Fun with Squirrels
Fun with squirrels is an awesome game to test your skills! Jump jump and jump on the trees but look ahead in this game! The squirrels will change when you go further can you play them all?
Fruit Slot Machine
Play this beautiful slot machine game with all kinds of fruits Set your lines bet and spin! Try to win this popular casino game!
Fruit Matching
Fruit Matching is a classic match-3 game which evolves during play Each time you have scored enough point you will go to the next level and new items will be added to the field Make use of the power ups and set the highest score you can!
Fruit Master
Fruit Master is an HTML5 hypercasual game where you throw knives up in the air to cut the fruit in half Try to hit as many fruit parts with one knife to earn extra points Fill the juicer and create some delicious smoothies Be alert because when you miss one knife you are game over!
Freecell Solitaire
To win freecell you must get all the cards onto the foundation piles The cards must be placed in order!
Free the Key
Free The Key is a seemingly simple looking game but it actually is very challenging Try to unlock the key through the exit by moving the blocks around it!
Frankenstein Adventures
Frankenstein is on the loose and he is after the treasures! Jump walljump and dodge the obstacles to obtain all the stars and open all of the chests!
Foxy Land
Help the fox to reach the end collect all the diamonds to open the gate You can also collect cherries to buy something later Enjoy!
How many teams can you beat? The competitions are getting longer and harder!
In this awesome Football game you need to collect gold balls and avoid white balls Try to collect random bonuses to increase your speed for example Dont get fooled by transparent balls they are still harmful!
Connect the roots of all the flowers and fill the whole board to complete the level! Each level it will get a bit more challenging so try to complete all of them! Finish a level with as few moves as possible to increase your score
Flow Mania
In Flow Mania you have to connect dots of the same color with pipes creating a flow You also have to fill the whole board to solve the level And no crossing or overlapping are allowed
Flip Stuff
The coolest challenge ever just recently has become more challenging! Instead of flipping bottles you can now flip way cooler stuff! Try to find out all the things you can flip!
Flappy Shoot
Make as much goals if you can! Dont miss a goal and dont fall!
Flappy Santa
Do you know Flappy Bird? We have now Flappy Santa! How cool
Catch as many fish and treasures as you can Upgrade your net and fill your trophy room Can you catch them all?
Fishing Day
Ehy seaman! It’s time for fishing! Drop the hook from your ship direct it towards fishes and catch them all! But be careful: there aren’t just fishes there…
FireBlob Winter
New HTML5 version of Fireblob with a taste of Christmas Can you light all the fireplaces and complete all the 81 levels?
Fire Blob
In this cute HTML5 pixel game where the cold is ruling there is a little fire blob With him you can light the firewood to create a fireplace But watch out the fire blob will melt the ice so you need to move fast and smart Can you light all the fireplaces in the 28 levels?
Find the Candy 3 Kids
Find the Candy 3 is a challenging HTML5 game where you have to seek for the hidden stars to finish the game you have to find the candy You have to focus and put a lot of effort to find the candy because it can be everywhere!
Find The Candy 2 Winter
Find the Candy Winter edition is a challenging HTML5 game where you have to seek for the hidden stars to finish the game you have to find the candy You have to focus and put a lot of effort to find the candy because it can be everywhere! Are you up for this challenge?
Find The Candy
Find the Candy is a challenging HTML5 game where you have to seek for the hidden stars to finish the game you have to find the candy You have to focus and put a lot of effort to find the candy because it can be everywhere! Are you up for this challenge?
Fidget Spinner Mania
Ready? Set! Spin! You have five swipes to set the best spin you can! What is your highscore?
Fidget Spinner Extreme
The newest trend of 2017 is the Fidget Spinner and now there is a HTML5 game of the fidget Spinner it is called Fidget Spinner Extreme! Can you control this Fidget Spinner? Set your highscore now!
Dive into the mysterious world of mystery and adventure and complete levels all the levels
Feed The Figures 2
In Feed The Figures 2 you have to exactly as its title suggests: feed the figures! Different figures have different needs: some are full after one burger others may need a lot more! Feed them all to complete the levels!
Feed The Figures
In Feed The Figures you have to exactly as its title suggests: feed the figures! Different figures have different needs: some are full after one burger others may need a lot more! Feed them all to complete the levels!
Feed Bobo
Have you ever seen such a Cute Monster like him? His name is Bobo and he eats a lot Bobo loves to eat desserts like pastries donuts cakes and ice cream You need to feed the hungry bobo by tapping on the right dessert at the right time Try to tap fast to increase the time How faster you tap the more time you get
Farming 10x10
Rebuild the farm by creating horizontal or vertical lines When you create a line the farmer will come by to help you!
Farm Hero
The aim of the game is to save flooded animals that are scattered throughout the farm by connecting them into given shapes Drag and move the animal in the desired direction Repeat until all animals are connected
Farm Fun
Try this puzzle game with farm animals like goats cows and bulls If you think you can solve these farm puzzles easily try to make it harder by choosing the 24 pieces!
Farm Clash 3D
A unique shooter full of adrenaline and reckless action won’t leave you indifferent Lead a noble squad of gallant Cowboys and punish the evil Apaches raiding on the farms ripe pumpkins Use the deadly shotgun or secret weapon hidden in the depths of the level to stop the enemies Rumble around the houses in search of useful secrets The character upgrade system will give you an additional advantage in the next battle
Falling Monsters
Fall as far down as you can Do this by going through the same color monsters as you are Its getting faster and faster!
Extreme Burger
Who doesnt love burgers?! In this game you can create the biggest tower burger ever!! Or complete as many orders of your customers to set a new high score! Which mode do you prefer?
Evil Robot Stole My Girlfriend
The title says it allevil robots have stolen your girlfriend! Embark on a quest to save her from all sorts of robots Shoot your way through them but make sure your timing is right in this funny HTML5 platform game!
Emoticon Balloons
Match the two balloons with the same emotions with each other But be quick the balloons are really fast!
Emilys New Beginning
Play Delicious - Emilys New Beginning and welcome a new member to the Delicious family!
Emilys Miracle of Life
Right after Emily starts her very own cooking video blog she receives some heart-warming news Shes expecting a new bundle of joy! But hows Emily going to combine everything thats going on in her life with getting ready for the baby?
Emilys Message in a Bottle
Discover a message in a bottle that changes Emily’s life forever while cooking divine dishes in Italian kitchens! Now Paige has fully recovered from her fever life has settled down again in Snuggford That is until the entire Napoli family hears that Emily’s missing grandfather Vitto is still alive - and might be in Italy! Emily’s father Edward is especially overwhelmed by the news He and his four brothers haven’t seen their father or each other in years Reuniting them is going to be quite a challenge Will Emily succeed in bringing everybody together at the big family dinner?
Emilys Hopes And Fears
Emily wants to make her customers happy but at the same time she must take care of her family! Let this adventure overwhelm you!
Emilys Home Sweet Home
Emily home sweet home: Emily’s house is a complete disaster but if she works hard making her costumers happy she could fix it and she ll start a new life with her family!
Emilys Cook and Go
Emily is ready for a new adventure Your customers are enjoying their vacation and they need sepecial objects and deliciuos food! Help Emily to take care of customers try to earn 3 stars by serving them as fast as you can! Complete the levels and always remember: when someone needs food Emily is there!
Emilys Christmas Carol
In Delicious - Emilys Christmas Carol Deluxe Emily and the family set out on a trip up north to a cute little cottage for the holidays It turns out their train ride may follow the tracks to new friends and unexpected adventure So bake a big batch of cookies and settle in with a hot drink to warm up your Christmas spirit in Delicious - Emilys Christmas Carol Deluxe!
Emilys Christmas Carol
In Delicious - Emilys Christmas Carol Deluxe Emily and the family set out on a trip up north to a cute little cottage for the holidays It turns out their train ride may follow the tracks to new friends and unexpected adventure So bake a big batch of cookies and settle in with a hot drink to warm up your Christmas spirit in Delicious - Emilys Christmas Carol Deluxe!
Emerald and Amber
Emerald and Amber is a platform game where you have to get stuck to solid surfaces to reach your loved one The game has 27 levels and a Speedrun mode
Elsa Kissing Jack
Elsa is in love and she wants to kiss her sweet sweet boyfriend but Anna should not catch her! Help Elsa to kiss Jack as long as she can When Elsa meets Jack love is in the air!
Elevator Space
Build the highest tower! Tap on the screen when the moving spot is in the middle Challenge your friends and beat them!
Elemental Magic Puzzle
Make lines of magic blocks to unleash the power of the elements! Save coins and buy various boosters You can use these boosters on the magic blocks this will help you to complete difficult levels Are you ready for this magical puzzle game?
Element Puzzle
Collect fire water earth and air tokens to change the element’s form Fire element burns the wooden obstacles but can be destroyed by water Water element allows you to freely move inside water but gets evaporated if it meets fire Earth element withstands water and fire but it drawns in water Air element can fly in any direction you want but can only be stopped by obstacles Stay away from the wandering “void” manifestations as those destroy the element in any form Element Puzzle can be played on both PC and mobile devices
Egypt Stone War
Egypt Stone War is a game where you have to attack all the mummies with stones but be carefull and quick they will attack you to You can use the shield to protect yourself
Easter Sokoban
During Easter the Easter Bunny delivers Easter eggs to children around the world Before he can fulfill that task you have to help the Easter Bunny by moving the Easter eggs to the designated storage locations During Easter there’s a lot of work to be done so the Easter Bunny would appreciate it if you lend a hand!
Easter Hunt
Easter Hunt is a really cool Mahjong game Where you have to match the colorful eggs together This game plays like the classic Mahjong games but this one has gotten an easter makeover! f you are really stuck in a level you can ask for a tip or reshuffle the board but the further you get the less you will be able to use these abilities! Play the game and try to clear the boards before time runs out!
Easter Egg Mania
If you like Match 3 games you will love Easter Egg Mania Match eggs of the same color and score as many points as possible If you clear all the glass eggs your timebar will be refilled Can you enter the top 10 score?
Dunk Shot
In this hypercasual HTML5 game you need to shoot the ball in the basket Earn stars and unlock all the balls An addictive game that will get harder when you score more points Find out now!
Dungeon Run
Run through the dungeon and avoid obstacles and traps Jump over barrels avoid sharp swords and collect as many shields as possible jump over barrels avoid swords and traps
Dune Surfer
Dune Surfer gives you the most satisfying feeling if you dive into the waves Easy to learn hard to master is the best quote for this game Earn coins and collect all the balls and backgrounds Start hitting the waves right now!
Duck Hunt strikes back! Grab your gun some ammo and go teach those birds a lesson! There are two types of birds to shoot so be certain you shoot enough of each one in order to complete a level Enjoy yourself on a good-weather duck-hunting spree
Duck Shooter
Go back in time with this classic online HTML5 game! Did you like playing Duck Hunt from Nintendo on your NES? Then you will love Duck Shooter! Get ready for some action and make sure you start with a loaded gun! You have 3 bullets to hit the ducks don’t let them fly away or you will lose a life!
Drop the Gift
Help Santa deliver all of the presents on time throw the presents though the chimneys of the houses and claim a new highscore!
Drop Dunks
Drop Dunks is a great HTML5 game where you have 3 chances to score as many balls as possible! Test your skills in this awesome game!
Drift Rally Champion
In Drift Rally Champion you can buy a car customize it as you like and tune it to take on your competition!
Draw and Guess
Guess what the others draw and they have to guess what you draw! You have a couple of minutes
Dragon VS Icy Bricks
In the game Dragon vs Icy Bricks you are the dragon On your way you will pass some blocks with numbers You have to break them If the number is more than your dragon you will die Your dragon can be longer by collecting numbers you will see on the way
Drag Racing
Ready set go! Race against other cars and win as often as possible! With winning you will receive extra money! You can upgrade your car with the money!
Downhill Ski
Use the arrows and move aside to avoid hitting the fences or rocks If you hit them you fall and you have to try again Try to get your highest score at every level Can you ski to level 12?
Dots Mania
Connect at least two dots of the same colour to let them disappear!
Dot Snap Battle
Shoot the balls into the bins and aim for the ones which contain bonuses!
Doodle Jump
Prepare yourself for something really awesome! It is Doodle Jump one of the best games ever Try to go higher and higher jumping on the platforms Your Doodle is ready to reach the sky!
Donuts are the best! Play this game but be awareyou will get hungry seeing all these wonderfull donuts! Match donuts of the same color and try to score big!
Donut Shooter
Play this delicious new bubble shooter game made out of tasty donuts!
Dont touch the red
Tap the green tiles! Dont tap the red ones! It is getting faster and faster!
Domino Legend
A round of domino is played until one player places all of their tiles or until the game is blocked and neither player can make a move
Match tiles with the same number of dots Play all your tiles before the others with the least possible moves The first player that reaches a certain amount of points wins the game!
In this cute HTML5 game Dogs you need to follow the lead dog is he walking then all the dogs should walk is he sitting then all the dogs should sit to earn points Be aware of the time limit! What is your highscore?
Dogi Bubble Shooter
Since the start of the internet bubble shooters have been immensely popular This HTML5 online bubble shooter is simple but addicting Can you clear away all the balls? Start shooting NOW!
Diamonds Match
Match 3 or more of the same colored precious stones next to each other on this wheel of fortune but how long will it take before you run out of luck?
Design Santa Sleigh
Great Santa sleigh design game!
Death Chamber
Collect the keys in the death chamber to pass a level You have 10 lives sometimes you have to die to help each other through the level!
Darts Pro
Play a game of darts against your friend or a random person in the world Aim and click for the right amount of power to shoot your arrow Can you reach a score of 180 in one round? Try it out now!
Dangerous Rescue
Control the helicopter and pick everyone up on the way and safely take them away
Dangerous Danny
Dive with Danny into the depths of the ocean collect coins evade wild animals and try to reach the biggest depth anyone has ever achieved Beware the dangers of mines cliffs and sharks and remember to replenish your oxygen and health
Dancing Ball
Do you have the skills to keep this dancing ball on the road and also grab the coins on your way? Try it out now in this cool 3d zig-zag game!
Cyber Tetroblocks
In this awesome HTML5 game Cyber Tetroblocks you get a lot of challenges How far can you make it? Use your skills and set the blocks on the right place!
Cute Monster Bond
Get ready for the sweetmonster match 3 adventure puzzle! Join this unforgettable adventure play with your friends win TIME!
Cube Ninja
Youre an agile ninja who is running down a road of obstacles! Dodge the gaps jump defy the laws of physics and grab as much sushi as you can!
Cube Jump
Jump from side to side but only against the right color! The color can change anytime!
Crossy Sky Guriko
Reach the sky with Crossy Sky Guriko! Your aim is it to go up and up before its too late! Every level is a new mission and every Guriko is new chance to go for the win!
Crocodile Millionaire
Crocodile Millionaire is a great gamble game you have to get the prices out of the crocodile his mouth If he bites you than you are game over!
Cricket World Cup
Are you going to win the world cup? Play against other countries and beat them with cricket!
Cricket 2020
Play Cricket 2020 non-stop! Be aware that if your wicket gets hit you are game over So try to hit every ball you can and set a high score!!
Creative Puzzle
How far can you get? Choose between drawing and puzzle and try to get the three stars!
Crazy Switch Color
Now a crazy version of Switch Color! Jump through the rotating circles make sure you change color You have to go through the same color as yourself! What is your highest score?
Crazy Potions
Make and find combinations to create new potions extend your playtime and set the new highscore in Crazy Potion!
Crazy Little Eights
In this card game your goal is to get rid of all your cards You can always play the crazy eight and then change the suit to be played with Try out this relaxing new card game and time will fly by!
Crazy Freekick
You have to score goal! Choose the right direction using the axis on your screen kick the ball and your fans will become crazy for you!
Crazy Chicken
Help this chicken to win his freedom! Run jump and avoid all the obstacles on the street!
Crazy Balls
Aim and shoot! All blocks have numbers these numbers must be 0! Do this by shooting as much as possible
Crazy Balls
Ya-hooo! There is just a thing you must remember to play this game: little chicks do not like being crushed by the balls! Help the chick to reach all the diamonds and the coins to increase your score but dont forget to avoid the crazy balls because they are out of control!
CPL Tournament
Grab your bat and ball its time to play cricket premier league tournament!
Cowboys vs Martians
Help the cowboy to shoot all Martians! Be wise use ase few bullets as you can and use the environment in your advantage!
Cowboy Zombie
Help the cowboy zombie stay as long as possible on his ride by answering all of the questions right! If you answer a question wrong he will lose a part of his body so be careful!
Cow Cow Run
Get all the coins and dont get caught! The UFO is very aggressive and will follow you everywhere!
Correct Path
Wich path do you choose? Do you choose the right one?
Cooking Korean Lesson
In the game Cooking Korean Lesson you will learn some great dishes from the Korean kitchen! Take some lessons and serve some delicious Korean food!
In the awesome HTML5 game Connector you need to turn on the lamp That sounds easy but it is harder than you think! You need to connect the battery with the lamp but this can only be done by solving the puzzle!
Connect the Zodiacs
Like the name says! Connect at least three zodiacs with each other!
Connect 4
Try to get four in a row before the other player in the classic tactics game Play against the computer a friend or a random person in this multiplayer game!
Completed Paths
Complete all the possible paths! Can you reach level 27?!
Common Feature
Common Feature is an awesome puzzle HTML5 game! The game start with a certain variety of blocks that you have to match How can you match these blocks with each other? Every block has 3 items on it and you can match a block if they have at least one common item Are your brains ready for this awesome puzzle game?
Color pin
Shoot all the colored balls onto the colored rolling wheel The aim is to match the balls to the same color on the wheel
Color Bounce
In this challenging game Color Bounce you need to let the ball bounce on the right color! Be quick or youll need to start all over again!
Collect More Candy
Candies are falling and falling! Tap on them before they reach the ground! But be fast because the bar of your life needs to be filled!
Collapse Blast
Collapse Blast! is a blast of fun! Sweep your screen clean and enjoy a colorful explosion
Cold Station
In the Cold Station you need to explore a sinister space station throughout 15 levels Destroy creepy creatures rescue surviving scientists and hack data terminals As the game progresses you will find new weapons and unlock new skills for a more successful fight against enemies
Climbing Up
This ninja must jump to reach his aim! Are you able to calculate the right jump’s length? Your limit is the sky!
City Block
Always wanted to be a construction worker on a crane? This is the moment to create your dream building! City Blocks is an HTML5 game that requires perfect timing The goal is to drop the appartment blocks in the middle of the screen to get the best score multiplier If you stack the blocks perfectly you will receive a nice bonus Can you build the highest tower?
Circle Run
Circle Run is an arcade style HTML5 game Very easy to learn but hard to master You control a blue dot and the goal is to gather all the white dots But be careful you need to avoid the red cubes!
Chubby Boy Run
Survive as long as possible in the three landscapes with the chubby boy Use all your speed to avoid the obstacles and set the highest score!
Chubby Birds
Fly as long as you can in Chubby Birds! Avoid the obstacles!
Chu Choo Cake
Chu Choo Cake is a new game where you have to complete the cake by walk over the toppings But watch out some mouses are following you! How far can you get?
Christmas Swap
Santa could use your help! Make combinations with three or more of the same tiles and set the highest score you can! Watch the timer it will start running low if you cant find any combinations!
Christmas Memory
Christmas Memory is a HTML5 Puzzle game The aim of the game is to match all the identical cards before time runs out
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts are here! Make the correct combinations to open the gifts and score points!
Christmas Breaker
Clear all the grid matching two or more blocks of the same color But watch out you lose a life if a single block is clicked!
Chess is a board game for two players It is played in a square board made of 64 smaller squares with eight squares on each side Each player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns two knights two bishops two rooks one queen and one kingThe player with white pieces always makes the first move Do you think you can win? Go and try!
Chef Jump
Chef is panicking: knives are flying all around and blades are sharp! Make the little chef jump avoiding the shocks and have fun!
Cheese Lab
One day a mouse went looking for Gouda cheese in a cheese labthis is where your journey starts Collect as many cheese pieces as you can eat but watch out for the hungry cats!
Checkers Legend
Play Checkers Legend against a computer opponent or a friend Improve your skills to become the next Legend in Checkers!
Checkers is a classic board game that is now online available at Wanted 5 Games You can only walk diagonally across the board You can play Checkers alone against the computer or you can play together with a friend
Chainsaw Chuck
Tired of chopping wood with nothing but an old axe? Vrinnn vrinnn vrinnn!!! Chainsaw Chuck is an 8bit arcade game with pixel art graphics and brings back this old school gameplay feeling
Celestial Fall
Celestial Fall is game which puts your reflexes and insight to the test! Be fast to determine your path try to evade the gaps and think twice before jumping on a blue block!
Caveman Adventures
Help the caveman to avoid the bouncing rocks and collect the chicken!
Cave of Doom
A spiked lava pit sounds like the worst place to live in? Well try to survive! Cave of Doom is an arcade game with pixel art graphics and brings back this old school gameplay feeling
Catch the Candy
Feed the jelly with candies collecting all the stars What is the best strategy to reach the jelly? Find it out and improve your score!
Castle Defence
Defend your castle in a relentless battle against hordes of terrifying enemies!
Cargo Challenge Sokoban
In this game you help to organize the boxes in the warehouse by moving them to designated storage locations Try to finish each level with as few moves as possible and improve your time!
Car Rush
Drive across the finish as quickly as possible within the specified time But pay attention to the other cars and make sure you dont run into it otherwise it will take your time!
Candy Super Match 3
In this game you have to operate with colorful sweets The game can be played endlessly it depends on how quick you response You need to get three or more on a row The longer the row the more time you get
Candy Runner
Candy runner is a very fun and relaxed game Help the cute girl jump from candy to candy! Beware of floating candies!
Candy Chain
Candy Chain is a game which is all about initiating a chain reaction and being able to make all of the candy explode! Timing and placement is crucial to be able to complete the levels Discover all of the different sorts of candy and their effects try to maximise your scores and complete all of the levels!
Candy Blocks
Are you able to get all blocks exactly in the big block?
Can I eat this?
What can you eat and what cant you eat? Think fast because the time is ticking!!
Butterfly Bash
Cute little puzzle game where the goal is to turn all the bugs into butterflies by dropping flowers on the bugs All the bugs have very different abilities that you need to learn to master to get the highest score possible
Bunny Pop Easter
Are you ready for some Easter fun? In this exciting game you are shooting with easter eggs instead of bubbles Steer the bunny aim and shoot those eggs!
Bunny Pop
Do you like bunnies and bubbles? Bunny Pop is a HTML5 bubble shooter with a cute bunny shooting the bubbels Rules are simple match 3 of the same colored bubbles and you have a match Dont wait start popping those bubbles!
Bunny Guest
Slide the tiles to make a path for the rabbit to the goal Your goal is to use as few movements as possible and collect as many carrots as possible
Bubbles Shooter
Bubbles are everywhere! Use the little cannon to make them disappear before the wall falls down!
Bubble Guriko
Welcome on the Gurikos Island! Will you be able to complete the path to the win? Match the bubbles of the same color and explore magical sites to complete the game!
Bubble Farm
Bubble Farm is an amazing game Where you have to shoot all the bubbles away before you go to the next level!
Brick Breaker 2018
In Brick Breaker 2018 you have to try to shoot all the blocks and make sure you catch the ball every time If your ball falls it costs one life you have three Try to pass all 72 levels! Are you up for this challenge?
Break the Rock
Break all the rocks but watch out for the incentives!
Brave Triangle
In this online HTML5 game you are a brave triangle exploring the world Gameplay is really simple you need to steer the triangle through the gates but dont be fooled its not as easy as it seems! Sometimes you need to go left when you thought to the right was quicker Are you able to score 100 points? Now thats a challenge!
Box Rotation
That little monster needs to reach the white ball but it is not so easy! Collect the stars and try to not get lost in the space!
Box Kid
Help the boy to move all the boxes All the boxes must be on the right place but how do you do that?
Box Jump Up
You are a little yellow box and you have to jump jump and jump! But be careful! Other boxes seem to like you not…
Bottle Flip 3
Ready for the coolest challenge ever again? Bottle Flip 3 is here! Rotate that bottle and dont drop it! How many spins could you make? There are more challenges now!
Bottle Flip 2
Ready for the coolest challenge ever? Well it just became even better because this is not just Bottle Flip but Bottle Flip 2! Flip that bottle and dont drop it! How many spins can you make? Share your score with us and become the best!
Bottle Flip
Ready for the coolest challenge ever? Rotate that bottle and dont drop it! How many spins could you make? Share your score with us and be the best!
Bottle Cap Match
A classic match-3 game but this time with cool colourful bottlecaps to match! Set the best score you can and see how you stack up to the rest of the world!
Bones Slasher
Bones Slasher is a HTML5 Survival Game Tap the screen to kill the enemies Move your warrior to collect gold diamonds bonuses and weapons during your quest before the time runs out! Are you fast enough for this Survival Game?
Boat Battles
Boat Battles is a tactical board wargame in which you have to outsmart your opponent! Position your fleet tactically and wipe out your opponents fleet as quick as possible before he takes out yours!
Blocky Shapes
Place the different shapes of blocks in the field Try to get three or more of the same colors together Pretty hard right?
Blocks Puzzle
Blocks Puzzle is a great HTML5 game that challenge you to beat your own highscore! Are you a master in sorting blocks games? Check this game out now
Defeat all the enemies in Blockemon! Blockemon is a combination of scary monsters and sorting blocks game Can you handle the pressure or are you to afraid for the monsters!?
Block the Pig
Put the tricky pig into a total blockage in “Block the Pig” a puzzle game for training your wits You will have to place stone blocks in a hexagonal maze on the way of the pig who tries to escape Place three blocks initially and then proceed with additional block after each pig’s move Think ahead as winning the game becomes trickier and trickier as rounds progress
Blackjack Master
In Blackjack Master the player competes against the dealer by comparing cards There are more ways to beat the dealer!
Black Thrones
Evade obstacles and holes slice through countless enemies collect coins and last as long as possible Collect power-ups to raise your chances of survival and loot Complete achievements to boost your wealth and your stats
Black Ball
Jump collecting all the stars on your path! Reach the white ball and complete all the levels!
Birdy Rush
Move the bird to the left or right to avoid falling crates and to collect grains! Get as many points if you can!
Bionic Race
What the feeling is if you become a Bionic robot Hah! lets starting a bionic adventure Try you best to run far and far avoid the obstacles and collect coins to get the highest score!
Big Monsters
In this awesome HTML5 game Big Monsters you control a monster truck! Drive monster trucks crush cars and do incredible stunt collect coints and get a cooler bigger and better monster truck! Can you get trough all the levels?
Battleships Pirate
Arrmatey! Try to hit all tiles until you found them If you find the enemy before they find you you win! Arr
Battleship war
Hit all the ships of your enemy and lead your fleet to the victory! Guess the position of the ships and destroy them!
Battleship Armada
Place your ships in the right positions then the battle can begin Fire three missiles per round and try to hit your rivals ships The first one who burned down all the ships of his rival wins!
Place your battleships in your field and the game begins Shoot one rocket in your turn and try to hit the enemy ship The first one who hit all the five battleships of his rival wins! Are you up for this challenging game captain?
Basketball Master
Are you ready to shoot some hoops? Play this cool basketball game and show off your skills! You start as a rooky but the further you progress in the game the harder the levels become Start shooting now!
Basket Swooshes
Choose the country you want to play for Try to win the games in your own pool so you can reach another round And finally take place in the grand final and become the champion!
Basket Monsterz
Pick your team and beat the others! Score 11 points before they do and win! Can you win the whole tournament?
Basket Fall 2
Basket Fall 2 is a game which put your timing and reflexes to the test! This is a great and very addicting new game where you have to let the balls fall through the basket to score points! You can customize your ball and the basket with the points you have collected
Basket & Ball
Basket and Ball is an arcade game with puzzle elements targeted for all devices The objective is to deliver the ball into the basket controlling the ball itself The game is split into levels each level representing basketball court populated with various obstacles and objects to help reach the basket
Balls and Bricks
Destroy all the blocks with the numbers How farther you get the more balls you get to shoot!
Balloons Path Swipe
Do you like match 3 games? Then we have great news This is a match3 game with balloons! And new challenges per level Goodluck!
Balcony Diving
In Balcony Diving you get to show of your best jumping moves and try to score as many points! Most importantly: land safely!
Bakery Fun
Looking for new recipes? Play this tasty cooking game and show your skills! Just make sure to add all the right ingredients
Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games The object of the game is to move your pieces along the boards triangles and off the board before your opponent does
Baby Race Galaxy
Baby Race Galaxy is a game where you have to dodge the cute racing animals And try to reach the finish You have to collect the stars so you can go faster buy upgrades and dont forget to pick up the clocks so you have more time to reach the finish!
Baby Hazel: Winter Fun
Its winter! Theres snow falling outside Our lovely Baby Hazel wants to make this day a memorable one Help her make a drawing of a snowman She plans to enjoy snow by making a colorful igloo and of course skiing Help Baby Hazel enjoy all this with her friends and learn skiing
Baby Hazel: Winter Fashion
Hurray! A Winter Fashion show is organized by Baby Hazels preschool Darling Hazel has to make a lot of preparations for the show First of all help her in purchasing stylish costumes and accessories Then help Hazel and her friends to get ready for the show on time Finally cheer Baby Hazel to walk the ramp confidently and elegantly Have fun!!
Baby Hazel: Skin Care
Winter is the most awaited season by kids as they get a chance to play with snow Baby Hazel too loves enjoying outdoor games in the snow But her skin can lose softness and become dry if she does not take proper skin care Help her in taking a warm water bath and applying mild body lotion before dressing up To prevent chapped lips apply lip balm Serve her highly nutritious food and warm water Enjoy shivering winters with Hazel!
Baby Hazel: Sibling Care
Its really great fun to spend time with our siblings Today Baby Hazel spends ample time with Matt while playing with favorite toys and having snacks together Also mom is busy in the kitchen so Hazel has to take care of Matt and fulfill all his demands She needs your help in taking good care of her sibling and keeping him safe while playing
Baby Hazel: New year Bash
Hurray! Uncle John has invited Baby Hazel and her family for New Year celebrations at the Ice Castle Board the cruise liner along with Baby Hazel and her dad to reach the party venue on time Pay heed to all the demands of Hazel so that she enjoys her cruise ride Celebrate a fun-filled snowy New Year with Baby Hazel at the Ice Castle
Baby Hazel: Lighthouse Adventure
Baby Hazel is on a cruise and having fun swimming and dancing Then she sees a lighthouse from her ship and wishes to go there Play this game to help Baby Hazel reach her destination And out of her surprise she realizes that it was a dream You can’t leave our darling Baby Hazel alone so let’s explore this new place with her
Baby Hazel: Learns Manners
As she is grown up her mom thinks that Baby Hazel should be aware of all the norms concerned with social life Her mom begins with physical exercise to keep her chubby baby fit Later she wants Baby Hazel to know about kitchen manners Baby Hazel should also build up social manners with different aged group people Help darling Baby Hazel know all about this decorum for being a responsible person
Baby Hazel: Goes Sick
Its a bright sun outside but our cheerful Baby Hazel who always wakes up early morning is still sleeping Seems as she is not keeping well Oh my gosh! She is having a high fever along with a cold and cough Rush to doctor for the medical aid Be with Hazel to pamper her while a medical check-up is going on Pay heed to all her requirements and make her happy
Baby Hazel: Flower girl
Wow! Baby Hazels Aunt Lisa is getting married and at her wedding she wants Baby Hazel to be her Flower Girl Baby Hazel is very excited about this and hence she goes shopping with her mom Baby Hazel is very choosy for her dress so help her in selecting a dress shoes and accessories best suitable for her Fun is not finished yet She needs some makeover to look very pretty Help her with her makeup to make her look most beautiful girl and finally dress her up as Flower Girl
Baby Hazel: Fancy Dress
Baby Hazel is so excited to participate in a fancy dress competition held at her school To dress up as per the Birds and Animals-themed competition Baby Hazel decides to look cute in a peacock costume Help her mom and Hazel to purchase the necessities required for designing the costume Then help them in tailoring the peacock costumes and making related accessories Lastly get Baby Hazel ready for the competition And yes dont miss to watch a play enacted by kids to convey an important message!
Baby Hazel: Craft Time
Its time for Baby Hazel to show and share her creative skills Today Baby Hazel is working on her craft assignment which she has to submit in her school On realizing she is running out of time Baby Hazel needs your help to complete the assignment
Baby Hazel: Cleaning Time
Baby Hazel is growing fast and now understands the importance of cleanliness for a better lifestyle and healthy life Cleaning the house and surrounding area is as important as other social etiquettes Today darling Baby Hazel is all set to offer a helping hand to her mom in cleaning the house As Baby Hazel is still young to perform cleaning activities shepherd her in getting her house clean along with mom Play now!
Baby Hazel: Beach Holiday
Baby Hazel is planning to go on a beach holiday Can you help her to pack the required costumes accessories and beach game supplies to enjoy her holiday at the beach? Then go to the beach with her and enjoy different beach activities and games such as making sandcastles collecting shells diving sunbathing and much more along with adorable Baby Hazel
Baby Hazel: Ballerina Dance
A cheerful morning for Baby Hazel that starts with surprise gifts While having a shower she is given interesting tasks to complete and on winning receives ballerina toys from mom Another reason for Hazel to be very excited is that she is going to learn ballerina dance But our little doll is feeling a bit nervous and uneasy in her dance class Can you encourage Baby Hazel and make her comfortable so that she follows the instructions of the teacher carefully?
Axe Vs Fruits
Every knight needs to train before fighting and what is better than fruits for that? Try to hit fruits whirling your axe and improve your score!
Arctic Pong
Collect coins and avoid the bears! Touch on the screen to move from directionthats it! Sounds easy right? Lets try!
The germs are coming your way and they spreading the virus! Safe the earth and shoot down all the germs before it gets you! Earn coins and upgrade your aircraft! Can you beat all the germs and stop the virus!?
Animal Puzzle
Use your puzzle skills Slide the plates until an animal emerges Will you be able to complete all animals in a short time?
Angry Chicken Egg Madness
Try to catch all the different eggs but watch out for the bomb The golden eggs are worth more points and the rainbow eggs make the chicken run slower making it easier to catch the eggs Make it harder for yourself by choosing advanced or madness!
Angelas High School Reunion
Play the 3RD season of the hit time management game and enjoy a new adventure with your favorite fabulous fashion icon
Angelas Fashion Fever
Fabulous Angelas Fashion Fever is the newest fashion game where you are Angela who has been going through a rough time and wants to become worlds best fashion designer! Help Angela design sensational dresses and discover bitter secrets in the glittering world of fashion!
American Football Kicks
Score as many points as you can shooting penalty kicks!
Aloha Solitaire
what could be better than playing a solitaire while youre in Hawaii? Try Aloha Solitaire and enjoy the hawaiian music!
Aliens Attack
The name Aliens Attack says it allIn this HTML5 game waves of aliens are coming your way Defend your base and shoot as many as possible If you are into action and shooting games this game is awesome!
Airport Clash 3D
Lead the Bloodhounds raider gang to capture an important abandoned airport location from a rival gang the Vipers Unleash the power and rage of a heavy military minigun and deliver the final blow to enemy goons by nuking their base with a big bomb The character upgrade system will give you an additional advantage in the next battle
Airplane Battle
Fly circles in your cool red airplane You have to shoot on the blue airplanes by flying behind them But if they fly after you they will shoot you! So watch out were you fly!
99 Balls
Boat Battles is a tactical board wargame in which you have to outsmart your opponent! Position your fleet tactically and wipe out your opponents fleet as quick as possible before he takes out yours!
7x7 Ultimate
Move tiles to connect lines of at least four of the same color You can connect lines in different ways! There are coming more and more new tiles!
4 in Row Mania
Try to get 4 in a row before your opponent will do it! You can play with a friend or you can play against the computer
4 Directions
20 levels to complete and 4 directions to follow! Don’t touch the walls and reach the start point
In this awesome HTML5 game 3 anglez you are the black triangle You have to avoid the falling blue triangles and shake off the little red triangles You have to react fast before they get you!
3 Mice
Meet your new 3 cute mouse friends they are always sticking together and are running very fast Try to keep them together and bring them as far down as you can You have to help your mouse friends by pushing the boxes If one mouse will fall you will be game over!
2048 Legend
In 2048 Legend you need your arrows to move the tiles When two tiles with the same number touch each other they are merged into one!
12 Mini Battles
12 MiniBattles is a fun multiplayer game where you and a friend can play against each other on a variety of games This physics style game has different game types that you can play at random including a soccer match and sniper warfare All of the different games have a one-button control system making them easy to play for the maximum amount of fun This addictive gameplay will keep you and a friend entertained for hours Play all the games and spend hours getting the better of your friends Have fun and win every game!
10x10 Primary
Place all the blocks in the field and try to clear them all by connecting!
10 Ten is a fun and interesting puzzle game with simple number-based mechanics The aim is simple – you must try and turn one square into the number 10!
100 Meters Race
Choose your country and complete the 100 meters to win the Olympics Run fast and be strong!
100 Little Monsters
Capture the monsters in the moving cups Repeat until you run out of monsters Can you enter the top 10 highscore list?

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