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New Month New Games
Published on Apr 12th, 2021 05:52 pm

Our credit cruncher has closed, our credit catcher has opened, dont miss out on the chance to collect millions of game credits throughout April.

Just get a net and start catching. 


We have fixed our server issues, we will soon be protected by cloudflare and are upgrading our family hosting for and to a more robust server.

There's not much more going on this month. Just the madness of 10+ games, 30+ earning options, daily, weekly and monthly contests and unlimited referrals. keep earning and cashing out instantly.

If you enjoy what we did here Review us and get rewarded.,507597.0.html

Your honest reviews will help us grow and make the right changes.

Last error for server
Published on Mar 22nd, 2021 02:39 pm

We had one last middle finger from our previous hosting company they shut our site down officially at midnight on the 21st.

Luckily our new hosting provider helped us get back online within 8 hours.

Unfortunately the last backup I made was 22:00 server time on Sunday, this means anything that happened after that is lost forever. So let's rerun Sunday, forget about Monday (no-one likes Mondays anyway) then the site will reset as normal at midnight tonight (Monday 22nd)


Apologies for the inconvenience but we can now look forward to many years of stability for the site and the engineering behind it.

Get ready for March Madness!
Published on Feb 25th, 2021 01:06 pm

March Madness!

From March 1st = March 31st

Throughout March, we are going mad! Increasing the Prizes for the Games Contest, Daily Click Contest, Withdrawal Bonuses and much much more!

We Removed ALL Pop & Push Ads! No More annoying Ads!

Just Click Win & Cashout!

Daily Click Contest:

The top prize for the daily Click contest will be Doubled! That right! 4 Boost tokens for the winner (Everyone with at least 250 Clicks will still get 1 Boost token)From March 1st - March 30th.


Monthly Games Contest:

The games contest prize in March will slowly increase based on activity. Remember if you find yourself in a losing streak you can always buy credits and Buff the prize yourself while giving yourself an extra chance of winning!


Withdrawal Bonus:

All withdrawals using FaucetPayExpress Crypto during March will have an Extra 10% added to them! With these being crypto microwallets the 10% will be applied to the satoshi value of your withdrawal so you even benefit from mincro cents! use this opportunity to join and earn using our newest Crypto Partners both offering Instant Cashout!


Random Proof Prizes:

We will be giving out up to 10 weekly prizes of $0.01 to those who actively post their payment proof. We will browse the popular forums and splash pages for proof of payments from us regularly throughout March and reward those we see up to 10 Members per Week! So get posting your payment proof to be in withthechance of winning a Spot Prize!


We are growing steadily and out internal security is working well.

So keep spreading the word and clicking and above all Enjoy yourself (Especially throughout March)

Enjoy the bonuses!

Still fixing bugs... How do you like SpareClix so far?
Published on Feb 12th, 2021 07:41 pm

We have had issues with email sending, layout issues, crediting bugs and a few other small errors. After working hard we are close to eliminating all known bugs. If you find any issues or something not counting corectly, feel free to open a support ticket and let us know.


The Click contest has been very competietive in the first 3 days, we found a few things that we reported to the offerwall companies involved. It seems there was a way to get about 50 extra clicks by timing your clicks in a certain way on certain offerwalls, it seems strategy is key. We will increase the reward for longer clicks like shortlinks and slideshows to encourage a wider range if offers being completed

For example all click ads and most bonus ads will count as 1 click, Asia Mag Shortlinks will now count as 3 Clicks, Nightfall News is a 40 Page Slideshow much bigger than any bonus ad or shortlink, so for these we will award 10 Clicks! These are limited to 10 per member per day, so theres 100 Clicks Straight away! Finally Engaged Hits (10 Videos) Will count as 2 clicks, as most of it is automatic you still need the page in full view to move from one video to the next.

These changes will start from Sundays Click Contest onwards.. Good luck..

 Remember to disable any adblock extensions/programs before using SpareClix, we depend on advertising revenue from your use of the site, if we dont get that we cannot pay. So be fair and allow the ads to be shown, you never know you might see something that interests you.

Anyone logging in with adblock will lose their place in the Click contest but can logiut, and login again without it on to keep clicking and earning, unfortunatly once you have been reset we wont be able to reinstate your score, you will need to wait until the next day. Thank you for your co-operation.


As the popularity increases and the competition increases we will be adding more Prizes, so more members will be able to benefit, the Referral Contest Prizes are looking a bit weak, so we will be adding a Bonus award to this Months referral contest of over $10. So get referring the most active members and you can walk away with a nice reward!


Enjoy the games, Clicks and contests. Remember to tell a friend and share the joy.

New payment processors
Published on Feb 02nd, 2021 10:07 pm

We have been working hard to bring you more choice!

You can withdraw Using one of our Processors. If you dont hve any accounts you can create them here:

Paypal: Well known, instant payout. Useful for offerwall earnings.
FaucetPay For Bitcoin Payouts, you can convert to 10 Different coins using Faucetpay and withdraw to your wallet for a very low fee.
Payeer Convert to over 10 different currencies and crypto or use their built in trade function to earn even more!
Perfect Money Hold your funds and earn Interest, Lend to others and earn even more Interest.. Just Perfect!
AirTM Be a Peer and setup trades for a profit, or just use to withdraw to almost any payment processor you can think of. 


Remember to keep inviting people to cash-in on the referral contest.

Feel free to contact support with suggestions and comments 


Phase 2 Updates complete
Published on Jan 25th, 2021 04:24 pm

We have added Referral earnings for every feature we have. So if one of your referrals plays games, Clicks any clickwall, Claims from our Faucet, completes any offerwall task, or even if any of your referrals earns PTP points, you will earn a Percentage of their earnings/Winnings. Now theres even more reason to INvite your friends.


Our Forum is open, along with Anti Spam features you can find a relaxing place to post your rewards, wins or anything you see fit. As long as it is not advertising and related to SpareClix it is allowed in our Forum.


We have also added 2 New games!

Rock Paper and Scissors, beat your opponant to win 5 Times your Bet!

and Introducing our newest Game Credit Catcher!

Purchase Baskets/Catching devices to catch the falling credits. The bigger the net the more credits you will catch, buy nets at each level to reach the top and catch all the credits you can!


The 3rd Phase of updates will focus on Advertising options, more targeting and extra security to make sure our advertisers get real visits from real members interested in their products.


Once we reach 10,000 member and have at least 1,000 daily clickers we will Activate Phase 4 Which will consist of PVP Games, a Marketplace, a new currency you can use to purchase Gift Cards and a new PVP contest rewarding the most skillful of players.

Phase 4 will activate only when both the conditions are met. We know we can increase our Membersbase beyond 100,000 Members and you can be part of it.

Welcome to Spare Clix
Published on Jan 13th, 2021 01:43 pm

Welcome to Spare Clix. As a members here you will get the chance to play games, open special packages, click some ads, and make some money. This can be withdrawn instantly using Perfect Money and Payeer. If you own a website or know people who will like this site, let them know about it you can have an unlimited amount of referrals and you will earn up to 100% of their earnings.

Be sure to use ALL of our features to make sure you can earn over 5 cents daily!

Paid to Click (At least $0.0026 worth of Ads to click)

Win up to $100 Every Hour (Minimum of $0.024 to win every day!) 

ClickWalls (Earn by clicking from $0.01 per day)

Spare Lotto (Get free tickets daily or buy more to increase your chance of winning)

Spare Packs (Open free packs or buy packs to win up to $100)

Real Rented Referrals (Unlocks after we reach 1,000 Members profit over 2 cents per month per referral)

Spare Bet (High or Low? Choose correctly and double your money!)

Slot Machine  (Play one of 100 bet options, win up to 2,500 times your bet!)

Play Your Cards Right (Choose the next card, Higher or Lowe. Dont get a pair! You get nothing for a pair.. Not in this game)

This is probably the best opportunity to make money online and Cashout instantly, dont get bored, cashout is easy to reach daily, message your referrals remind them they can get to the minimum withdrawal every single day!

Just login, click, play and cashout.

Its that simple...


I hope you stay for a long time and enjoy your stay!


(Foum will be open once we finished our AntiSpam Protection)

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