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Terms of Service

♦This agreement was written in US English. To the extent any translation of this agreement conflicts with the US English version, the US English version shall be taken as the legally valid version

♦This agreement is our Terms Of Service that governs our relationship with users

♦Any violation of this agreement (also known as SpareClix Rules, SpareClix Terms Of Service; TOS) will lead to account termination

♦We reserve the sole right to make any update, change or modification to our Terms Of Service with or without notification

♦Continued use or access of the website following any changes posted is considered acceptance of the changes made to this agreement

1.User Account:

1.1 You may only have a single account. Any attempt to create multiple accounts will lead to permanent suspension

1.2 You are required to provide your real name and information

1.3 You will not provide any false information on SpareClix

1.4 You will keep your information accurate and up to date

1.5 You will not transfer your account to anyone

1.6 You are solely reponsible for maintaining the security of your account. Keep your password and access details safe and unknown to everyone but you

1.7 Your privacy is important to us. None of the data kept on SpareClix will be shown, shared, given or sold

1.8 You must log in at least once every 30 days or your account will be suspended and cleared of earnings and referrals. Accounts can be reactivated by sending a support ticket or an email to [email protected]

We do our best to keep SpareClix safe. This also requires these commitments by you;

2.1 You will not post unauthorised commercial communication (such as but not limited to spam) on SpareClix

2.2 You will not use any automated software (such as but not limited to harvesting bots, auto-click software, robots, spiders or scrapers)

2.3 You will not engage in unlawful multi-level marketing, such as a pyramid scheme on SpareClix

2.4 You will not upload viruses or other malicious codes

2.5 You will not solicit login information or access an account belonging to someone else

2.6 You will not bully, intimidate or harass any user

2.7 You will not post content (such as but not limited to forum posts, advertisements, online messages) that: is hate speech, threatening or pornographic; incites violence; discriminatory, unlawful, alcohol-related, misleading or malicious

2.8 You will not do anything that could disable, overburden or impair the proper working or appearance of SpareClix such as but not limited to a denial of service attack or interference with SpareClix functionality

3.Special Provisions Applicable To Advertisers:

√ You can target your desired audience by adverts on SpareClix

√ The following additional terms apply to you if you place an order through our online advertising portal:

3.1 You will pay for your Orders in accordance with our Payment Terms (TOS section#5)

3.2 We do not guarantee the activity that your adverts will receive, such as the number of clicks your adverts will get

3.3 We can not control how clicks are generated on your adverts. We have systems that attempt to detect and filter certain click activity, but we are not responsible for click fraud or technological issues that may affect the cost of running adverts

3.4 All of our traffic is real and verified using our own Artificial Intelligence. We remove all bad bot traffic leaving only real visitors interested in your ad. THis traffic is safe to monetise.

3.5 We may reject or remove any advert for any reason

4. Special Provisions applicable to Audience:

4.1 You can only earn from promoting our website

4.2 SpareClix contains links to external websites, and is not responsible for content on these websites. Use caution when entering any information into any external websites. SpareClix is not responsible for any damage caused whatsoever due to using or accessing any external websites

4.3 SpareClix can not guarantee a fixed number of profitable adverts available for audience

4.4 SpareClix Statistics reset at 00:00 default server time

5. Payment Terms:

5.1 All payments to and from SpareClix are processed via BitCoin, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay and PerfectMoney. Users from China, Vietnam and Indonesia must upgrade their accounts in order to get cash payments. Due to high cheating activity from Vietnam and China, Vietnam and China members has to upgrade to get payment.

5.2 Payments made to us are processed instantly. There is no physical product it is a virtual intangible product delivered instantly therefore any purchase is Non-Refundable unless authorised by Support. Some deposits may be held and require email confirmation of the product you wish to purchase. once the purchase has been made if the email is still not received it will be removed and refunded to your processor account.

5.3 Any chargebacks or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate permanent account suspension

5.4 All payments to members are processed Instantly. SpareClix reserves the right to cancel any withdrawal request that is deemed fraudulent with or without notification

5.5 Withdrawal commission fees may apply

5.6 Minimum Deposit value: Varied by Processor

5.7 Maximum witdrawal limit Upgraded: unlimited

5.8 SpareClix is not responsible for any unauthorised transaction. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your payment processor and transaction details therein

5.9 To get paid you must have a Real I.P adress and your referrals must not be using the same I.P network as you. (This generally doesnt happen unless its the same ISP & the same Location & the same OS) In this case the other users are not permitted to be your referrals but can still use the site.


6. SpareClix Referral System:

6.1 You may refer as many users as your membership permits

6.2 Once a user registered using your referral link he/she becomes your direct referral forever and you are defined as his/her upline. You can also buy referral(s). the availability of referrals for sale are based on active pool of users without upline on the website

6.3 It is absolutely prohibited for a user (direct referral) to request change of his/her upline

6.4 An upline can delete his/her direct referral for a cost decided in upgrade table; referral deletion cost differs according to membership

6.5 You are solely responsible for managing your referrals; such as but not limited to building your referrals and/or deleting your referrals

6.6 SpareClix is not responsible for lost referrals such as but not limited to users who clear the cache of their browsers upon signup or using a new browser causing loss of the referrer from the signup process

6.7 SpareClix follows a strict anti-spam policy, you are not allowed to spam your referral (promotional) link, or bargain or tempt others to join the service under you giving money exchange offers or false promises

6.8 You are not allowed to use custom promotional banners that carry false information, or information inconsistent with the website's policy


7.1 By "SpareClix" we mean the features and services we make available, including through our website and any other SpareClix branded or co-branded websites (such as but not limited to sub-domains or any future service on same domain)

7.2 By "information" we mean facts and other information about you, including your full name, e-mail address, payment processor e-mail, personal identity proofs that may be requested by us at anytime

7.3 By "Content" we mean anything you or other users post on SpareClix that wouldn't be included in the definition of information

7.4 By "data" we mean any data, including user's information or content that you provide or post on SpareClix

7.5 By "post" we mean any post or topic or reply you submit on forum, any support ticket you submit, any online message you send to other users

7.6 By "active registered user", "active user" we mean a user who logged in to SpareClix at least once in the previous 30 days

7.7 References to "we", "us" and "our" mean either SpareClix, Inc. (If you are a resident of the US or Canada) or SpareClix UK Limited (If you are a resident in a country otherwise US and Canada)


8.1 SpareClix makes all efforts to provide constant and reliable services

8.2 SpareClix reserves the right to change its Terms of Services, Types of Services, Bonuses and Offers at anytime with or without notification

9.Account Suspension:

9.1 We have the right to suspend your account permanently with or without notification per violation of our Terms of Service (also known as SpareClix rules, user agreement)

9.2 Suspended accounts will be archived; all credits and balances will be reset, all referrals (rented and direct) will be unhooked, no refunds will b given, no further action will be taken

9.3 None of the accounts (active, inactive or suspended) will be deleted for whatsoever reason

Privacy Information for GDPR/CCAP

- Automatic Collection: We collect automatically some information about you like your navigator, your IP addresses, your country... To protect your account from being used from different places.

- Cookies: We may use the standard 'cookies' feature of major browser applications that allows us to store a small piece of data on your side about your visit to our Site. Cookies help us learn which areas of our Site are useful and which areas need improvement through programs including, but not limited to, Google Analytics. We may also use cookies from third party social sites and programs including, but not limited to, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. You can choose to disable cookies through your browser or independent programs available online. However, if you choose to disable this function, your experience at our Site may be diminished as some features may not work as they were intended.

2.3. What we do with collected information?

It's important that we can communicate with our users and to ensure you have the best experience possible with us. We will never sell or rent your information and we will never SPAM you.

3. Security

We make security measures in place to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information that we obtain from you.

4. Beyond our company's control

From time-to-time, the Site may contain links to other websites. If you choose to visit those websites, it is important to understand our privacy practices and terms of use do not extend to those sites. It is your responsibility to review the privacy policies at those websites to confirm that you understand and agree with their practices.


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